Significado de agnosticismo yahoo dating

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significado de agnosticismo yahoo dating

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But… there is nothing supernatural here, since that this universe is merely a genetic process of reproduction from a natural system existing beyond the Big Bang. Things are far, far more complex than we were thinking… andrew23boyle 9: It speaks volumes about you. Louis Charles Morelli There were no intention of personal attack, sorry. Thanks for the elaboration.

That makes more sense.

significado de agnosticismo yahoo dating

I thought you were just crazy but now I can see better what you were getting at. And your English is very good. Sorry again for the misunderstanding. Now, the job is testing the theory.

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If the models are right, human consciousness must be just now a kind of embryo or a baby at birth. Moreover, the believer does not care, he continues feeding his faith.

Since that Lucifer the evil is bad for us, they invented the sacrifice of Jesus Christs, the fair tale of Mahomeh, etc. Now it is up you if you chose the lucifer or the God way.

The worst thing here is that this metaphysical elaborated logica makes sense. Those fair tales were genially invented for to fit the fantasies that populates a infant mind, which has the normal behavior like any kid of believing and talking with invisible friends My focus then, has been upon the process that created those genial fair tales. We read there notions as black holes in the sidereal space, spirits spinning seven times, etc. It happens that the model of a building block of galactic systems, when designed over a paper, shows all symbols amd events contained in those fair tales.

If you look to the model now you will understand it. Then, the model shows energy circuits that works like X and Y chromossomas in a mechanical reproductive procees, and antropormorfazing it you get the names of ADAM and EVE. It happened that this building block of astronomical systems were fragmented by entropy into its smallest bits and from stars they are radiated towards Earth surface. So too do many of the control regions of DNA that precede the genes.

The C base always binds to G. A binds only to T or U. Under what is known as the central dogma of genetics, genes, which are the recipes for making proteins, are part of the DNA of the chromosomes. Proteins make up most of a cell and perform most of its functions, including turning genes on and off. The recently deciphered mouse genome was found to have about twice as much in common with the human genome as could be accounted for by protein-coding genes.

What all of this RNA is doing is not clear … But mounting evidence suggests that at least some RNA is involved in regulating the way genes are turned on or off. Proteins … are like bricks and beams. But the RNA determines whether those bricks and beams become office buildings or houses. This RNA network … provides the complexity that separates higher life forms from simpler ones. The process effectively stifles the production of the corresponding protein.

The sequence of bases is sort of like a palindrome, so that when the folding occurs, complementary bases line up, and the two arms of the hairpin stick together.

But two years ago scientists at the Max Planck Institute found that short double-strand RNA, again about 21 to 23 bases, would not set off the self-destructive response but would silence the corresponding gene.

Scientists in the United States claim humans are built from 66, genes, nearly twice as many as the current consensus.

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The genes occupy only about a hundredth of the length of the huge string of DNA, broken up into the 46 chromosomes in every cell. To fish out the genes, which are hidden among the long continuous string of letters, scientists rely on genetic databases.

They used these two databases plus 11 others. A transcriptional unit is a length of DNA that shows strong evidence of being a gene but which requires future verification.

This is where the dispute arises. To date, there have been bets, ranging from 27, tohuman genes. So far, the money is on 61, This approach is a particular application to binary sequences of length six of the general concept of sequence-space, first introduced in coding theory by Hamming … … The six-dimensional hypercube … … Each node is labeled with the corresponding amino acid … … It is well known in the field of Genetic Algorithms that a proper encoding is crucial to the success of an algorithm.

Furthermore in … R. Schaffer, Representation and hidden bias: As it was shown above the structure of the genetic code is precisely the structure of a Gray code. In that connection, the hexacode H6 is related to Golay codes and the Leech lattice. The same fundamental structure is also shared by Penrose tilings and musical sequences. Further, you can represent genetic information by DNA sequence music k wav. The 55 points of the Ho Tu diagram can be divided into 27 SouthEast points and 28 NorthWest points, if the central point is put into the NorthWest part.

The G-C base pair has 15 ring atoms and 12 other atoms, just as the SouthEast part has 15 even points and 12 odd points.

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The T-A base pair has 15 ring atoms and 13 other atoms, just as the NouthWest part has 15 even points and 13 odd points. If the central point is allowed to remain central, and represent a U 1 propagator phase, then both the SouthEast and NorthWest parts have 15 even points and 12 odd points, so that they represent the 15 generators of the Spin 6 that gives conformal gravity and the Higgs mechanism and the 12 generators of the SU 3 xSU 2 xU 1 standard model, that is, all the gauge bosons of the D4-D5-E6-E7-E8 VoDou Physics model spacetime.

Such a diagonal axis will be used in the Lo Shu diagram, which is more oriented to representations of physical structures, as opposed to abstract structures. Lo Shushown here in its ancient and modern forms: Yu interpreted the 4 directions and 4 diagonal directions of the Lo Shu in terms of the Later Heaven arrangement of the 8 trigrams of the I Ching: Note that the Yu Later Heaven Lo Shu arrangement of the 8 trigrams is not very symmetrical with respect to abstract Yin-Yang binary structure, but is very symmetrical with respect to a NorthEast-SouthWest axis and the physical representation of the 5 Elements.

Although the Lo Shu is not very symmetrical with respect to abstract Yin-Yang binary structure, the Lo Shu diagram does have the interesting mathematical structure of a Magic Square: In addition to Square tilings of the plane, there are Hexagonal tilings.

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The only Magic Hexagon that exits also has central number 5: Perhaps because of its lack of abstract Yin-Yang binary symmetry, the Later Heaven Lo Shu arrangement of the 8 trigrams did not lead Yu to make a corresponding arrangement of the 64 hexagrams.

It was not until about 3, years ago that Wen-wang father of the founder of the Zhou dynasty made a Lo Shu arrangement of the 64 hexagrams. Since Wen-wang's son Wu-wang named him posthumously as the first emperor of the Zhou dynasty, Wen-wang is known as King Wen, and his arrangement of the 64 hexagrams often called the King Wen arrangement.

King Wen created his arrangement while imprisoned by the Shang emperor. It was not an arrangement to describe abstract principles, but to describe his life and how it could be useful in overthrowing the corrupt Shang emperor and setting up a better government. The 64 King Wen hexagrams are arranged in 32 dual pairs.

For 28 of the pairs, one is the other turned upside down. The 28 upside-down symmetric pairs have a similar symmetry to the dimensional antisymmetric real 8x8 matrices that represent Spin 0,8 of the D4-D5-E6-E7 physics model. King Wen's arrangement is designed for life in our physical world, beginning with pure Yang, forward moving Heaven, and ending with a hexagram described by two characters that mean "not yet across a river ", so that its ending is really also a beginning, just as in real life.

Perhaps that is why the King Wen arrangement is the one most often seen in present-day I Ching books.

significado de agnosticismo yahoo dating

When King Wen wrote about the 64 hexagrams, he wrote for each entire hexagram a Judgment. Each poem line corresponds to a hexagram line, and each whole poem goes with the Chinese characters for each hexagram Judgment. Much later commentaries, such as the Ten Wings, have been added to the present-day I Ching books. My opinion about such later commentaries is the same as that of Rosemary and Kerson Huang: How can you enjoy poetry if every line is followed by government regulations on how to read it?

Of course, it is possible to make other arrangements of the 8 trigrams and 64 hexagrams of the I Ching than the Fu Xi and King Wen arrangements. The 8 trigrams can be arranged in 8! As well as ordering the 8 trigrams differently, you can pick subsets of the 8 trigrams.

significado de agnosticismo yahoo dating

That can also be done in many ways: The number of subsets of the 8 trigrams is the dimension of the Cl 0,8 Clifford algebra that is used in the D4-D5-E6-E7 physics model and is related to ordering the 8 trigrams by the Clifford sequence corresponding to the binary numbers from 0 through 7 You can arrange the 64 hexagrams in 64!

As well as ordering the 64 hexagrams differently, you can pick subsets of the 64 hexagrams. The number of subsets of the 64 hexagrams is useful in estimating the Planck mass. Here, the hexagrams are denoted by numbers representing them in the binary Fu Xi Earlier Heaven sequence, as binary numbers from 0 through 63, with broken lines denoted by —.

It is constructed by writing the numbers Here is such a cube as constructed by Meredith Houlton: The Maya calendar uses a period of days, the Tzolkinas well as a period of days, the Haab.