Muhammad false prophet yahoo dating

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muhammad false prophet yahoo dating

In course of time, however, the West added the Eastern date as the Feast of the Prophet Muhammad was always very respectful towards the Christians. This is a reply to Bassam Zawadi's attempt of salvaging his false prophet's reputation for yet your dog of a writer shamoun recently came out calling the prophet Muhammad filthy. . >nadir. it isnt so hard, just make a debate topic, and make your date, and >>CC: Osama Abdallah [email protected]>, sami z. Mar 4, Taymiyya asserted that there are many false-prophets, such as Musailima “the Liar,” a contemporary of Muhammad. Taymiyya concluded that.

Osama why not make an article called "Jalal's Scholarly Fatwas" and posted this beautiful piece of art. Fri, 28 July Nadir Ahmed also went on an attack against Muslim apologist Shabir Ally: Is it a coincidence that these are the very same Muslims who have tried to discredit me for supposedly starting this pattern of mocking and insulting them, which allegedly led to their doing the same?

muhammad false prophet yahoo dating

Now if I really am to blame for all this then what explains the fact that they exhibit the same kind of abusive behavior against each other? What accounts for Nadir Ahmed, Sami Zaatari, Osama Abdallah and Jalal Abualrub cursing one another and threatening to harm each other with physical violence?

Let me guess, I am to blame for this too! In fact, it got so out of hand with these same individuals that the following Muslim had to write an open letter pleading with them to stop: I received a message on Sat Oct 14 Brother Osama has written detailed articles about this http: As to how true they are, I leave that with Allah the Best of Judges to decide.

The Perverse Sexual Habits of the Prophet

Truth be known, the articles there shocked me. Brother Osama calls Jalal Abualrub a Dajjal for reasons he explained in the respective articles. This is a very very serious allegation to make to a fellow Muslim. Calling someone a dajjal is worse than calling someone a kafir though both are derogatory remarks when made to a fellow Muslim brother.

False prophet

How can we possibly call another brother with such a term?? Osama says that brother Jalal is a takfiri as he has called him a kafir before and he provides e-mails to substantiate this. Once again, how true these allegations are, I leave that with Allah the Best of Judges to decide. I do not intend to get into whatever qualms these brothers have with one another, but I will have to say something about it as it has been brought to my attention by Osama Abdallah himself.

Had he not posted his message to my guestbook, I would not have publicised this sort of letter for the whole world to see.

muhammad false prophet yahoo dating

I would rather talk about this behind closed doors as it is exposing my fellow brothers to unnecessary shame. I am young and I will not pretend to be more knowledgeable than any of you. Please do not mistake this article as a challenge to your credibility or intelligence. It is simply a sincere effort to say that which I perceive to be the truth that ought to be shared to one and all. I am quite certain my dear brothers that you know how serious the matters of takfeer and of course gheebah are.

muhammad false prophet yahoo dating

Thus, let us abstain from such a path lest we damn ourselves for it. Brother Osama, you allege that brother Jalal is a takfiri, yet you fall into the same category when you pronounced him a dajjal which in fact carries a worse connotation. You should know better than to quarrel with one another to the extent of declaring one another kuffar.

It is they, not I, who started mocking the true God and his Word, the Holy Bible, and yet when I returned the favor they tried to use that against me and accuse me of being the one who caused all of this. And I do know the reason why they have been trying to slander my character so viciously.

This means that the Qur'an was a living text during the lifetime of Muhammad. Certain verses revealed to Muhammad were later repudiated by him as "satanic" verses revealed not by Gabriel but by Satan.

These verses were expunged from the text that so many had memorized. After the death of Muhammad, the text of the Qur'an was written down in the caliphate of Abu Bakr. Until 'Uthman, one and only one written text existed. For more than a decade after the death of Muhammad, the Qur'an remained primarily an oral text in the memories of the faithful. Nevertheless, the military expansion of Islam led to two direct consequences concerning the integrity of the Quranic text.

25 Reasons Muhammad was a False Prophet!

First, large numbers of the faithful were dying out in the various military expeditions. Each time someone died who had the Quranic text memorized, that meant that one copy of the Qur'an disappeared forever.

Second, the expansion of Islam swelled the ranks of the faithful. Many of these new converts spoke other langagues and the original Arabic of the Qur'an began to corrupt.

The Perverse Sexual Habits of the Prophet - Raymond Ibrahim

Faced with these two threats to the integrity of the Qur'an'Uthman orderd a rescension of the text to be made and to serve as the definitive written version of the text. A rescension is a version of a text that is assembled from all the variant versions of that text. In Islamic history, there is no variation between these two sources, so the Uthmanic "rescension" is largely a codifying of a single version of a text.

Young ladies and children should leave now. Bear this in mind, O you Muslim! But we know that prophets have special dispensations: Do you have anything more explicit? He went on to quote from a number of hadiths affirming that Muhammad freely had sex with menstruating women, including from Sahih Bukhari v.

Setting the Record Straight: Exposing the Deliberate Lies and Slanders of Muslim Dawagandists

It just had to be the one menstruating? I know I am—just mentioning them. Who is this character you are following? I see you are wisely connecting the dots. First, Fr Botros spent some time discussing the well known story where the prophet betrayed his wife Hafsa with a slave-girl Unfortunately, one cannot capture the hilarity with which the priest recounted this tale.

Muhammad quickly evicted the slave-girl and told Hafsa that if she kept this between them, he would henceforth refrain from the slave-girl. What sort of man would that make him in your eyes?