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SOURCE OF QUESTION & DATE OF RESPONSE. Oldwick, New If you look up "inputted" in Yahoo!, you'll find 27, uses of the word. Mercy! What's the answer and is going a gerund, adjective or something else? But it's also a good example of how double negatives are often stylistically effective. Yahoo! Groups - Free, easy email groups. Date: Wed Sep 25, am > "falling" being a gerund. using as an example has an infinitive in Ido. A gerund is the “-ing” form of a verb when it functions grammatically as a Just like a normal noun, a gerund or gerund phrase can be the subject of a sentence.

We have more than enough already. The real issue, as I see it, is that in the end, history seems to show that characteristics of morphology and syntax to some degree are really rather secondary when it comes to acceptance and use of an auxiliary language, at least for European and diaspora target users -- or others, for that matter.

A more pressing matter is how to get ANY such constructed auxiliary language into widespread acceptance and use, not whether it has this or that participial ending or maybe none at all. THIS is where the real effort needs to be concentrated, in my opinion, and not never-ending tinkering and fiddling. Tinkering and fiddling may be fun and entertaining, and there is nothing wrong with having fun and being entertained, but they probably have little to do with getting an IAL accepted and used.

Of course, once it comes down to getting any one IAL accepted and used, there is the issue of which one, because diffferent people will favor different languages. And that is a problem for which I myself have no real answer except to say, pick one and promote it, and if you get others to make the same choice, so much the better for your candidate.

But in any case, I have decided to discontinue participation in efforts to create or modify any new west-Indo-European-based often largely Romance-based IALs. Please note two things: Afterwards, the answers are checked with the class.

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Students then take it in turns to read out the student number and sentences on their worksheet. I only text him or hang out with him, I changed my classes to have his lunch. Next time, to prevent the loss of our food cache, we will use bear canisters instead.

The Grammar Logs -- Number Four Hundred, Seventy-Four

These two example independent clauses have the same structure: The following infinitive is an adverb phrase modifying the verb will use adverbs answer the questions when, where, how, and why: Start now your own story!

Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? Eason and to Joseph M. The second is a relative pronoun, and it serves as the direct object of its clause. When they have finished writing, the class is divided into groups of three or four.

A participial phrase includes the participle, plus any modifiers and complements. Arrange dates in the capital at our singles events. When he gets mad he goes You are probably familiar with prepositional phrases--they begin with prepositions, end with nouns or pronounsand they describe, or modify, a particular word in the sentence: It is possible, however, for a noun phrase to be broken, to become what we call discontinuous.

Thus, it would be correct to write: I have shrunk the kids; He had sunk the boat; and He had seen it coming. Pronoun problems Let's take a look at three little words.

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Not "I love you," but me, myself and I. Grammatically, they can be called object, reflexive, and subject. As long as they're by themselves, object and subject don't give anyone problems. That is, no one who's an adult native English speaker would say Me walked to the bus stop or He gave the book to I.

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For some reason, though, things can get tricky when a pronoun is paired with a noun. We all know people who say things like Me and Fred had lunch together yesterday, instead of Fred and I Heck, most of us have said it ourselves; for some reason, it comes trippingly off the tongue.

We also most of us know not to use it in a piece of writing meant to be published. Word to the wise: Don't use it in a job interview, either. The robotic exoskeleton that could turn you into a real-life Iron Man There's a similar attraction to using the subject instead of object. Even Bill Clinton did this back in when he asked voters to give Al Gore and I [instead of me] a chance to bring America back.

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Or you might say, Thanks for inviting my wife and I, or between you and I… Some linguists and grammarians have mounted vigorous and interesting defenses of this usage. However, it's still generally considered wrong and should be avoided.

A word that's recently become quite popular is myself — maybe because it seems like a compromise between I and me.