Bullet 350 mileage yahoo dating

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bullet 350 mileage yahoo dating

Best Scooters In India Top 10 Scooty Prices, Mileage, Images sales and scooters sales have been growing at a steady rate till date. The Bullet Twinspark is the basic, entry-level Royal Enfield. production run ever for a motorcycle, having been made in its current form since till date. Royal Enfield Classic Read user reviews. Royal Enfield Classic price, photos, mileage, ratings and technical specifications.

bullet 350 mileage yahoo dating

It has a rather unique, bulbous design, which gives is solid street presence. The engine is a cc unit which pumps out 8.

Royal Enfield Bullet Mileage-Too low?

It is one of the best scooters to buy in India. The Honda Grazia is the newest scooty model to be launched by the Japanese company in India. It is a cc scooter that was launched last year.

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It gets an all-new design and is possibly the best-looking scooter from Honda stables right now. Along with looks it also has a long list of features which include LED headlamp, fully digital instrument console, optional USB charger, combi-braking system and much more. It gets a cc single-cylinder engine which makes 8. The TVS Jupiter is one of the best scooters with decent performance and handy features The TVS Jupiter is the second best-selling scooter after the Activa range and it's not difficult to understand why.

TVS has fully loaded the Jupiter with convenient features such as external fuel-filler cap, telescopic suspension, optional disc brake, USB port for charging mobile phones, a pass-switch and also has a claimed fuel efficiency of 62 kmpl.

The Jupiter also gets inch wheels at front and rear, and bigger wheels give it very good ride quality. The cc motor puts out 8 bhp and 8 Nm, comparable to the competition. The Honda Activa 4G is the largest-selling scooter The Honda Activa is not only the largest selling scooter in India, but is now also the largest selling two-wheeler.

bullet 350 mileage yahoo dating

The Activa 4G and the Activa i get the same cc engine, making 8 bhp and 9 Nm while the Activa gets a The Activa 4G and the Activa i do not quite get a list of extensive features but the Activa does get telescopic suspension, digital-analogue instrumentation and an optional disc brake as well. All prices are ex-showroom, Delhi.

bullet 350 mileage yahoo dating

The Hero Maestro Edge offers a long list of features as well as a strong sales and service network The Maestro Edge is one of Hero MotoCorp 's largest selling scooters. The Maestro Edge is powered by a These 3 positions allow you to change the cam timing of your Bullet. Advancing the cam timing will give you low down torque for pulling power, whilst the retarded setting will push your peak power up the rev range giving you a better revving engine for more top end performance.

However it has been specifically adapted to suit the standard chain drive. It is an economical way to get a superb clutch without the expense of the full beltdrive kit. HC have converted this gearbox to a right foot gear change and have modified the internals to give the conventional 1 up 4 down gear change. HC have been testing this gearbox throughout and putting it through its paces on the road and track.

With its completely new design, it has performed superbly. It has vastly improved rideability and performance over the old 4 speed models. It comes complete with new style clutch centre, clutch cable, gear and kickstart lever etc. It is suitable for running higher wattage or halogen bulbs. Before you start throwing money and time at your Enfield to make it go faster, do a proper service and get the basic bike running as well as possible.

See the technical page for advice. The standard Bullet comes with a fairly restrictive air intake and exhaust system, and many people change these.

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The following set ups seem to work well, and will give a noticeable increase in performance at the middle and top end of the rev range.

If you do any of this, always check the plug colour and ensure the mixture is correct. If the plug is ever white and flaky you are running way too lean and must stop using the bike until you have cured it. This is the all alloy engine on the export only lean burn.

It comes with a CV carb which is OK, there seems little point in trying to rejet this carb, people have tried but it doesn't offer much tuning potential.

Standard Bullets have heavy rockers. Changing them will not make the bike any faster but it will take a good deal of load off the cams and cam followers, so they are a good idea even on a standard engine. If you are getting into serious tuning and want higher revs, use the lighter rockers rather than stronger valve springs. There are some relatively inexpensive light rocker blocks made in India by a company called Samrat. The Samrat set comes with little seals to aid oiling, so make sure you fit them with the rockers.

The Standard floating big end bearing requires lots and lots of oil to keep it happy. If you are using your bike hard or tuning it, don't over look the oil supply. You must change both the feed and return at the same time and you must lap the new pump in.

Royal Enfield 350 Classic Mileage Test -- Hi Speed And Economic Speed

The parts are cheap, but the lapping in takes forever. There is also a lovely bit of cork or rubber on the main feed to the bottom end. The rubber can wear out and the cork can fall apart.

bullet 350 mileage yahoo dating

The first you will know about this is when the big end locks up. If you are doing the pump, get one of the new rubber bonded seals and fit this just to be on the safe side.