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Gmail Yahoo! Outlook Other. Ghosts. What do you really think about them? But what about reports of real ghosts, even by sincere Christians? . Bible scholar Charles Ryrie noted, “The very fact that demons can enter human or King Saul donned a disguise and visited a medium to summon the dead. As part of 'Hauntings', we are carrying out a large-scale international survey Regardless of whether you think you have experienced a ghost, please take part here. The problem on this earth is that people truely think spirits or demons have Based on what I had seen and what our son described we date this to be no. Demon Took The Form Of Dad - Your source for real ghost stories. Submit your Date: . First I must say we have our first names in common lol but as to what you saw: Demons are very tricky and nasty so disguise is the only way in. . If you have any questions email me at outerspaceluke [at]

Identifying Characteristics of Demons Unlike evil spirits, demons never had a physical body. They come straight from hell. They are master munipulators. Demons can present themselves however they choose in order to gain the trust of certain individuals. Children are usually a choice target, due to the simple fact that they are are very open and innocent, which makes them susceptible.

Individuals who have disabilities such as autism and down syndrome are also a top targets. Demons prey on the weak and vulnerable, making the elderly good targets as well. Demons have one mission, and that is to seek and destroy. Unlike evil spirits, a demon can actually kill you; they are very powerful forces to be reckoned with.

Certain structures can have a demonic attachment as well. Demons can possess an individual, which means they can completely take over the person and make them do anything they want. If a person is possessed, the only way to resolve the issue is to get a priest to perform a ritual called an exorcism.

An exorcism is a true battle of good vs. The priest uses his knowledge of God and faith to pull the demon out of a person and send it straight back to hell where it belongs. In some cases, a medium may recommend seeking out a witch doctor and a spiritual healer. In structural attachment cases, the property would have to be exorcised as well.

Structures are much harder to exorcise, and in most cases property exorcisms are unsuccessful, in which case, the person would have to move.

The REAL Reason We Say "Trick or Treat" on Halloween Will Shock You

I hope and pray that nobody ever comes in contact with a demonic force. But if you should be so unfortunate, I hope that you can read this article and are a little more knowledgeable about what steps to take to protect yourself as well as your loved ones.

Do not be submissive, but instead take action immediately and stay strong and steadfast. Thank you for joining me in this article. Demons come straight from hell and require an exorcism to remove. Unless you are sure that you have a demon, then that is the recommended route. It may be tempting to try to communicate yourself. The most well-known and accessible route is through a Ouija board. However, as this video shows, that can be a dangerous idea, and actually serve as an invitation for unwanted presences in your home.

Demon Took The Form Of Dad

And remember your comments and thoughts and opinions are always welcome on any of my hubs. Buddhists and Hindus believe in a cycle of death and reincarnation that can eventually result in a permanent spiritual state, provided you play your cards right over each successive lifetime.

By following a clear set of rules, worshipers can assert control: They know what they have to do to make good things, rather than bad things, happen to them after they take the big dirt nap.

This, however, may depend upon how religious you actually are.

The REAL Reason We Say "Trick or Treat" on Halloween Will Shock You

With most religions populated by an impressive cadre of prophets, gods, spirits, angels and miracles, the tenets of religious faith might shape what you see. For examplein Medieval Catholic Europe, ghosts were assumed to be the tormented souls of people suffering for their sins in purgatory.

But during the Protestant Reformation, since most Protestants believed that souls went immediately to heaven or hell, paranormal activity was thought to be the work of angels, demons or other decidedly nonhuman supernatural beings. An lithograph of the Salem Witch Trials. Library of Congress While most Protestant sects today are largely silent about the existence of ghosts, Catholic theology remains amenable to the existence of ghosts.

Catholics typically believe that God may permit dead individuals to visit their counterparts on Earth, but the church has traditionally condemned occult activities such as seances and Ouija boards. In some religions, such as Voodoo, spirits and ghosts play a central role.

Religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism support a belief in ghosts, but ghosts play only a minor role in the religion itself. For Hindusghosts are the souls of individuals who suffered a violent death or of people who were not accorded the appropriate and required death rituals.