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posledna pevnost online dating

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posledna pevnost online dating

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posledna pevnost online dating

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posledna pevnost online dating

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I knew you were flirting with that guy. First time to Nerfplz. Ukraine is our special partner with a decisive position from the point of view of the security and stability of our region. Further development of Ukraine is of key importance for the V4. Our common neighbourhood and shared history in the Carpathian basin support a better understanding of the Ukrainian political, economic and social reforms to the success of which we can effectively contribute by the recently gained experiences in our own integration processes.

posledna pevnost online dating

During the Hungarian Presidency of the Visegrad Group, the regular extended V4 foreign ministerial meeting together with the EaP partners, initially developed by the previous Hungarian Presidency, is to be convened for the fifth time in spring The Visegrad Group will aim at facilitating the articulation of possible mutual positions formulated in the domains of common interest.

An important exercise of the year will be the stock-taking of experiences in connection with the functioning of the European External Action Service, which provides a great opportunity for the V4 to examine the realisation of the geographical balance within the system and to channel their special considerations into the process.

The Group attaches significant importance to the below specified relations the list is not exclusive: Regional neighbours Baltic countries The Visegrad Group endeavours to strengthen the V4-B3 cooperation, particularly in the fields of North-South transport corridor, cyber security, environmental protection, energy security and Eastern Partnership. Possibilities of any joint actions together with the forthcoming Lithuanian EU Presidency will be explored. Eastern Partnership, energy security, environmental protection and climate change.

We initiate closer cooperation with our Nordic and Baltic partners in the fields of water security, flood control, conservation of freshwater resources. We would like to explore further the possibilities of cooperation, especially the Eastern Policy, security and stimulation of growth in Europe, including development of transport and energy connections. We also want to initiate closer cooperation in the fields of water security, flood control, conservation of freshwater resources.

In this regard, we wish to play an active role in the "sustainable development goals" SDG elaboration. The Visegrad Group intends to continue discussions with experts and exchanges of experience in a wide range.

Romania and Bulgaria The cooperation and policy dialogue among the V4 countries, Romania and Bulgaria have continuously developed and extended in the course of the last years, particularly in the fields of agriculture, environment and climate change, regional development cohesion policyspatial development etc.

The Visegrad Group will attach great importance to the continuation of the on-going cooperation. It is worth to seek the possibility of preparing common position papers and undertaking common actions in current issues; e.

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Slovenia The cooperation between the V4 states and Slovenia will continue both in foreign political issues and in the given sectors, as for example cohesion and regional policy. Croatia The planned accession of Croatia to the EU in July will enhance the cooperation possibilities with the V4. Cooperating with Croatia and Slovenia in the V4 framework can both enhance the chances of creating a North—South transport and energy corridor and also contribute to the better connections between the Adriatic and the Baltic Seas; thus, strengthening the relations between the Visegrad countries and the region of the Northern Adriatic.

Within the general frameworks, the Visegrad Group is ready to explore the possibilities of launching new initiatives with further countries upon demand or enhance the already existing ones. Further possibilities of cooperation with Croatia will be examined as well, once the country is to join the EU in Other EU partners Benelux countries The Visegrad Group intends to continue and strengthen the cooperation focused on the themes previously specified: It is worth seeking the possibility of compiling common position papers and undertaking common actions in current themes; e.

Meeting of the foreign ministers on the margin of some FAC meetings and of the political directors are to be convened again. The Group will explore the possibility of joint educational programmes.

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The Visegrad Group intends to identify synergies regarding activities within Eastern Partnership. Other partners USA Although the Obama administration has declared the Asia-Pacific its primary foreign policy focus, the Visegrad Group attaches a special importance to attracting US attention to Europe and our region as well as to strengthening transatlantic relations.

Building on the efforts made by the Polish V4 Presidency in this area, the Hungarian Presidency will continue the dialogue with the United States on such issues as international security cooperation within NATO and in Afghanistan and maintaining military commitment in Europeenergy energy security, nuclear and renewable energy and—based on our experience—cooperation in countries of the Eastern Partnership as well as with the Arab countries recently undergoing a democratic transition process.

The Hungarian Presidency plans to hold a second consultation of the V4 political directors with their US partners in this dialogue format foreseen for the first half of The Visegrad Group deems it important to continue the already launched joint programs, such as the fellowship exchange program between IVF and CEPA and the on-going consultations dedicated to establishing scientific cooperation between the US and the V4.

The Hungarian Presidency intends to continue organising common expert level events building on the previous ones focused on among others energy security, climate change, SMEs, Eastern Partnership, development assistance, etc. Due to the size and scale of some of the emerging Latin-American economies, V4 countries, in joint efforts, could provide better stimulus for cooperation with the LAC region.

Possibilities of cooperation between the V4 countries and the Arab regional organisations such as Arab League or Gulf Cooperation Council should be considered. The V4 also seeks new opportunities for SMEs in the Middle East by making joint V4 efforts, as well as seeking regional level cooperation in tourism.

A special topic to be discussed shall be the V4 cooperation in the field of consular work in particular in those countries where a V4 country has no diplomatic representation. Hence, the Hungarian Presidency will initiate joint events in Cape Town for trade and investment development, tourism promotion as well as cultural activities and civic networking programs.

Based on the experience of the well-established House in Cape Town, the Visegrad Group will encourage the continuation of the discussions in Vietnam among the V4 representations in order to exploit the business development potentials given in the country. Within the general frameworks, the Visegrad Group is ready to explore the possibilities of launching new initiatives with further countries as well upon demand.

Possible cooperation of new quality with Croatia will be examined as well once the country is to join the EU in Also as a follow-up to the discussions on the next Multiannual Financial Framework, the Visegrad Group intends to foster the broader participation of V4 development actors in EU development programs.

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Therefore it is necessary to assess those political, human rights, international law, and economic issues where national interests are represented more effectively by joint actions. The present practice of regular meetings at expert level shall continue. It should be examined how already good co-operation among permanent missions to regional and global organizations of the V4 countries could be made more systematic and substantive, especially in New York, Geneva and Vienna.

Specific efforts will be made to ensure coordination with regard to nominations to different high level posts and positions available within these two organisations. Building on the results of the previous Polish presidency, concrete initiatives will be envisaged with a view to increasing the visibility of the V4 co-operation and its contribution to the main objectives of the two organisations, in the field of security, promoting human rights and democracy.

Possibilities will be explored to extend the already existing working relationship to new areas, such as: The Visegrad Group supports the exchange of views in consular topics discussed in different EU Working Groups with special attention to the preparation of new regulations for consular protection of EU citizens abroad. ECONOMY Energy The Visegrad Group aims at continuing the work started by the Polish Presidency in order to contribute to further progress in energy market integration in the Visegrad region in the context of the EU deadline of for completion of the internal energy market through overcoming infrastructural and non-infrastructural barriers that impede trade relations in line with the guidelines set by the European Council in February At the same time, the Visegrad Group aims at enhancing diversification projects in the Southern Corridor, as well as the establishment of LNG terminals.

The Visegrad Group aims at maintaining the priorities outlined by the Polish Presidency, i. Building on the steps taken under auspices of Polish Presidency, including the preparation of the market liquidity paper, presented by V4 National Regulatory Authorities, together with the conceptual analysis of the Gas Target Model for the region, it has planned to work out a toolkit to continue and facilitate the process of further regional energy-gas market integration financing, institutional framework, gas market models.

Relying on the achievements of the Polish Presidency, the Hungarian Presidency proposes to establish a V4 Forum for Gas Market Integration to provide political support, and coordination among ministries, national regulatory authorities and also transmission system operators of the participating countries on legal harmonization and commitment to a process of regional integration of the gas markets as a stepping stone towards a single EU wide market in compliance with respective directives and regulations of the European Union.

The internal market integration together with the V4 market potential are the best incentives for the effective use of existing interconnections and for the development of diversification projects and increasing the level of competition and market liquidity. The Visegrad Group aims to enhance the common, regional need for energy diversification.

It has the intention to enhance all pipeline and LNG projects which could result in gas-to-gas competition in the region. The Visegrad Group reiterates the importance of crude oil pipeline projects of common interest with regard to the security of supply of the region and in order to secure diversification possibilities. Furthermore recognises the need to explore different tools for enhanced regional cooperation methods.

The growing share of renewable resources in electricity generation, especially when the necessary infrastructure development is lacking, results in loop flows not only provoking considerable social welfare loss but also threatening the secure operation of our interconnected electricity systems.

Bearing the increased need for cooperation in mind, the Hungarian Presidency will further promote the now active and mutually beneficial cooperation between V4 countries in the field of electricity market integration, including the sharing and possible coordination of national positions before the meetings of the regional electricity market integration platform, i.

Furthermore, the Visegrad Group highly supports the existing intense cooperation between the national regulatory authorities, transmission system operators and other stakeholders in this regard.

The European Union has proposed a set of very ambitious yet nonbinding indicative low-emission economy targets forwhich will be a considerable challenge for the energy sector, including as far as costs are concerned.

In order to fulfil these targets, the role of nuclear energy as a clean, secure and affordable source of electricity generation has to be preserved. In this respect, coordinated action in energy-climate post framework discussion will be a priority.

The Hungarian Presidency will continue the work started in the framework of the V4 working group in nuclear energy established by the Polish Presidency. The V4 countries are capable of exerting an influence on the decision-making process in this field and this was visible during the negotiation of the RES Communication Conclusion 3. Therefore the V4 countries should closely cooperate in course of the discussion, also with other Member States.

The need of cooperation on that issue was confirmed by energy ministers Feb. The Visegrad Group takes note of the ongoing European Commission analysis on the framework for unconventional hydrocarbon extraction. In this context the V4 countries will remain informed on the energy policy priorities and will exchange best practices on shale gas.

The shale gas will be approached as an important commodity with high potential for energy security and energy prices while environmental aspects of extraction will be also considered. New legislative proposals to be tabled by the European Commission in the second half of will be closely monitored and V4 coordinated action will be applied where appropriate.

Transport The Hungarian Presidency intends to carry on with the transport programmes and objectives proposed during previous presidencies.

During the Hungarian presidential period, meetings of V4 transport ministers and expert-level consultations are to be held. The Hungarian Presidency will organise a high level joint V4-CEI conference with separate V4 and CEI panels on transportation with particular focus on infrastructural development and financial matters Budapest, November Examining the possibility and method of joint action to preserving the value of EU road financing in the period of — Coordinating the schedule of the roll-out of TEN-T networks core network and comprehensive network in order that certain key strategic corridors should be implemented in a coordinated manner, according to the best possible schedule e.

Closely related to the above, issues of the implementation of the north-south transport axes CETC axis, connection of the V-VI Helsinki corridor and the implementation of the Lancut Declaration and the Via Carpatia axis accession of south countries may be part of these axes. Collective and priority treatment of border projects development, renewal, accessibility for the disabled.

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Exchange of experiences regarding toll collection systems, consultation on the regional cooperation framework of e-tolling systems in order to facilitate the establishment of the European Electronic Toll Service EETS. Possibilities for the establishment of standard road safety measures in the V4 countries.

Exchange of experiences on achievements to date in the area of road safety, with particular regard to the following issues: Examining the possibility of cross-border road safety programmes, cooperation in order to reduce the number of accidents, with particular regard to the following issues: Of the priority programmes of the Polish Presidency, the Visegrad Group intends to continue the following during the Hungarian Presidency: Seeking to develop a joint position and priorities for the V4 concerning the rail-related strategic documents of the EU, e.

Liberalisation of domestic passenger transport. The future of the high-speed rail network. In addition to the above, it is proposed that the following new subjects be put forward: Examining the possibility and method of joint action with a view to preserving the — value of EU rail funding.

Coordinating the proposed completion schedule of the TEN-T rail network, including in particular the core network, in terms of the scheduling of border crossings and the connected sections, technical parameters and interoperability.

Discussing the issue of regional cross-border rail interoperability up to the first major citytraction and time-tables. Analysis of the possible interconnection of feeder lines separated by borders and the revitalisation of separately non-viable, sometimes closed-down branch lines.

Exchange of experience on fees to access the railway network, the competitiveness of individual railways and the optimisation of state intervention. Joint negotiation of the framework of cross-border rail traffic agreements. The EU has committed itself to pursue the goal of shifting transport to less energy-intensive, cleaner and safer transport modes. Inland water transport can play a prominent role in reaching these targets.

Hence, a comprehensive strategic analysis shall be carried out. Such an analysis should take into account all aspects that concern the river Danube as a whole such as shipping, environmental protection, water management, tourism and protection of natural resources.

Employment Policy Economic recession strongly marks the employment situation in the V4 countries. Each country tries to shape its institutional system closer cooperation of labour market participants, rationalisation of government bodies, process optimising, and decreasing bureaucracy and toolset to enhance the efficiency of the labour market.

There has been a significant increase in the youth unemployment across Europe. We are seeking new employment opportunities, forms and solutions, which alleviate the access of young people to the labour market. In addition the economic crisis resulted in further and stronger segregation on the labour market. The circle of those living on allowances that are not entitled to job-seeking allowance, and receive welfare benefits, extended further.

It is very important to get to know good practices of certain countries, which can lead back persons in a difficult situation on the primary labour market. In a quickly changing economy there is a special need for forecasting certain employment trends and job visions, thus ensuring the opportunity for the VET system and stakeholders of the labour market for appropriate adaptation.

During the Hungarian Presidency the Visegrad Group plans to organize the following events: Challenges and good practices of the public employment services of V4 countries in the fight against unemployment, with special regard to the vulnerable groups e.

Internal market The Internal Market is without a doubt the biggest success of the European integration. It brings tangible benefits to citizens and companies in all Member States. It is a common interest of the V4 to coordinate their position when negotiating the remaining proposals from the Single Market Act I and the proposals contained in the Single Market Act II, thus supporting economic recovery.

Industrial policy Appreciating the need to ensure cohesion between the EU energy, climate and industry policies, which have strong influence on the competitiveness of industry, the Visegrad Group will contribute to enhancing the cooperation within the Competitiveness Council on issues concerning further development of the internal market and sectors of the European industry.

Consumer protection The Visegrad Group aims to foster cooperation with regard to consumer protection, with special attention to the negotiations of the Commission proposal concerning general product safety. The improvement of market surveillance activity and administrative cooperation directly benefit the citizens of the Visegrad region. Intellectual property rights Interests of V4 countries are almost identical regarding the issue of collective rights management, a probable future hot topic in the EU.

The amount of royalties distributed to rights holders and allocated for cultural purposes will therefore be subject to decrease.

Research and development support During the preparation of the research and development framework program for the — period and the work programs thereof, it is of great importance that researchers from the previously more poorly performing countries participate more successfully.

V4 countries will coordinate their positions for better results, such as better use of the resources of the Horizon —Program. Creative industries Following the Polish Presidency in highlighting the sector of creative industries, Design Terminal, the state agency for Hungarian creative industries should share its best practices in the field of introducing platforms for young talents to promote their works of European and international level in technology, urbanism, fashion and design.

As we are approaching the closure of negotiations concerning — cohesion policy legislative package, the emphasis is more and more shifted to programming when Member States will conduct bilateral negotiations with the European Commission.

The Visegrad Group will focus on main concerns and issues of the period: Discussing any outstanding issues of the — negotiations. Cohesion policy regulations delegate power in a large number of important issues to the Commission. Commission will issue delegated and implementing acts to be negotiated in Council or at comitology forum. Regular V4 consultations ensure joint representation of common interests.

Posledna pevnost online dating

A Partnership Agreement and Operational Programmes should be submitted within deadlines set by the regulations and are subject to bilateral negotiations with the European Commission. Transparent negotiations would ensure that Commission treats the Member States on an equal basis.

To enhance equal treatment, permanent consultations with V4 countries are inevitable. As the end of the — period is approaching, implementation experiences need to be discussed and the outcome of evaluations needs to be shared in the V4 group. Spatial development planning co-operation would provide more possibilities for taking advantage of the special characteristics of the Central- and Eastern European space and for enhancing territorial cohesion.