Online dating rant

When women rant about the "jerks" in online dating? - guyQ by AskMen

online dating rant

I'm bored at work today, so I'm going to have some fun with the cliche things that half the women in the world put on their dating profile: ". Yes, it's an old theme, but I feel an anti-internet dating rant coming on. When people email me with questions born of internet dating, I begin to. Because I'm pretty sure he's not on the Internet yelling at strangers and The obvious answer is that men turn their dating profiles into rants.

Women who put up glamour shots on their profiles show up looking ten years older.

online dating rant

No wonder almost everybody drags their feet over meeting up. Being leonine or forever twenty-two in fantasyland starts to seem better than being just you in a cafe. My absolute, ironclad rule about internet dating is that if you meet someone you find attractive on a dating website, you should meet them as soon as possible. And if you really aren't able to relocate miles away for love, stop claiming on dating websites that you can.

Online Dating Rant My Podcast Journey & Random Life Lessons podcast

If you live in Brighton, Massachusetts, stop looking at photos of men in California. The usual rules for meeting strangers apply. Arrange to meet for afternoon coffee in a public place. Tell a friend where you are going. Carry a mobile phone, cab fare and enough money to cover the bill.

The Blow Off: the online dating rant: a male perspective

Even if I do manage to carve out an hour or two where should I start looking? The prime hotspots seem to be the following: Hope I run into them in a bar Bars are a horrible place to meet people. Work No, been there and done that.

online dating rant

Sports, Classes, Church… These are good, until you tap out the pool, or it becomes too incestuous. Online Dating Often looked down upon, but seemingly successful for many… also, my most recent foray.


Online dating has its pros and cons. This is again from a male perspective.

Hey Girl, Nice Rack. Time to write an email. It needs to be short but witty and show that I read your profile…. I either come off like douche or a generic vanilla loser.

When women rant about the "jerks" in online dating?

So, I sit staring at my screen struggling to glean some sort of insight on you as a person from your photos, but all I can see are your boobs…. Which, based on your profile is probably a pretty good gauge of how I would feel about you if I met you in real life.

The male version of this is Mr. Which means all I have to talk about is myself and how I fill your requirements. Because dating is a two way street, and you need to have some of my requirements too. I hate lazy people. If you have any questions just ask " Girl.

online dating rant