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Kube: una nueva forma de gestionar proyectos. Fínez, Javier and González, Emilio Kube: una Date deposited: 08 May Last modified: 02 Oct Wrike is an online project management software that gives you full visibility and control over your tasks. With the help of our product, managing projects becomes . INDES Programs are a set of online courses thematically interrelated and frequently DATES: 20/02/17 to 27/03/17 · Gestión de Proyectos de Desarrollo.

gestionar proyectos online dating

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gestionar proyectos online dating

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At one time in the project management software industry we were very algorithm-centric. Everything stemmed from the critical path schedule, we thought. In the last few years, though, a few things have changed.

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First of all, the availability of people through the ubiquitous Internet or telephone technology has made it even easier to assemble and communicate with your project team.

This has helped change who is on a project management team. While once we would have thought of project team members being people deep within the organization, working in a small windowless room with desks surrounding a massive plotter, now we think of project team members throughout the organization.

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Team members include those doing the work, of course, but might also include the executive sponsor, the department resource managers, the users, the marketing department. It's now not at all uncommon to find that the project team extends not just beyond the building's walls but well outside the organization itself to include sub-contractors, prime-contractors and even the client.

Sub-contractors may not be in the same time zone or even the same country. All of this has made communication a key success factor for projects in many different types of industries.

The first element in these organizations is to create a communications plan, and that's almost always based on collaboration technology like SharePoint Server. These organizations find that from a centralized perspective they can get more benefit from getting their extended project management team to collaborate and communicate than from any centralized planning.

gestionar proyectos online dating

The meteoric rise in popularity of SharePoint Server is a testament to how much pent up desire there is for getting people to work together. The progression from a basic communications plan then often goes to document management—one document of which might well be a project schedule. It's turning the classic enterprise project management progress on its head, but you can see for some organizations how attractive this might be. Get a handle on the contracts, documents, emails, meetings and other communication, and efficiency increases very quickly.

Don't get a handle on communications, and the loss of efficiency might well be serious.

gestionar proyectos online dating

Surprisingly, timesheets come next. In fact, sometimes timesheets come even earlier. When our organization first got started in the timesheet business with our TimeControl product, we were quite certain that organizations who needed a timesheet like ours were those that were already mature enough in their planning and tracking process to be able to take advantage of it. You can imagine our surprise to find that many organizations want to deploy an enterprise timesheet before they deploy an enterprise project management system.

When you look at the change management challenge of each it becomes clear why. Most users will adopt a timesheet grudgingly but quickly. Getting a person organization to accept a centralized timesheet system takes a matter of weeks.

Getting the same users to accept a centralized project management system can take from months to a couple of years.

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So, even though the centralized planning isn't established, the organization can still get tremendous benefit from centralized timesheet data.

Finally, these organizations turn their attention to the core project planning exercise. This is not to say they haven't been doing project scheduling so far but it won't have been highly centralized. Just like the first Project Management Systems Maturity Model, each of these elements can carry advanced topics, too. Communications plans often progress to more integrated communications systems, including instant messaging, email integration and more.

Document management often progress to workflow management and forms integration. Issue management usually evolves to management of lists of all kinds and an integrated change management process.

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Timesheets evolve from task timesheets to links with Finance, Payroll, HR and ultimately links back to the enterprise project management system for auditable tracking data.

There's no "right" way to advance in your use of your project management system, nor is there a "wrong" way. As I've said in these columns before, what is most important is that you look first at what you need to accomplish in order to be more effective as an organization and from there design the solution to that challenge.

What is important is knowing you have the building blocks from the basic elements before you start building something more advanced.

Kube: una nueva forma de gestionar proyectos

Remember that the use of a project management system is only one aspect of a possible solution and it's up to you to decide how "mature" you should be and in what areas in order to make the management of your projects more effective. When ready, tap Back, create a project Team: To remove a member from the team, touch close to the edge of the screen to the right of the user name on the Team screen, swipe left to access the menu and choose the Delete option.

By default, the Save this project as private option is enabled when creating a new project, so you can set access rights for added team members. Tap the user name in the Team list - the Access screen opens. Specify which sections of the created project should be accessible for the selected person: Discussions, Documents, All tasks, Milestones, Contacts. Tap the necessary item to uncheck it and restrict access to this section for the user.

Discussions - disable this option to restrict the access to the project discussions. If this option is enabled, a project member can view and comment discussions as well as start a new one. Documents - disable this option to restrict the access to the project documents. If this option is enabled, a project member can view and create documents. All Tasks - disable this option to restrict the access to all the project tasks.