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in the internet and it is upgraded to the so-called Online TV and Video .. use of households and persons (selected according to the date of their When calling on the household in person, if no one is home, a card is left .. The TARiS meter can be used with all brands of television sets and smart tv's. Postpaid SIM-Card & Smartphone. Reliable 4G network; Free 3-in-1 SIM, fits every phone; 1- or 2-year contracts; Variety of mobile plans; Pay by direct debit. Download date: 15 Nov .. internet or on digital channels of the cable television networks. Eleven of the 12 Tele2 CanalDigitaal KPN Digitenne + IPTV Kabel Overlig Ziggo UPC .. suggested the option of an obligatory smartcard system offering free access to public channels. . are active in

This process runs if you have agreed to updating.

How to Reverse-Engineer a Satellite TV Smart Card

Customised lists are retained and amended where necessary. TechniMatic This free updating service from TechniSat keeps the software on your device up to date.

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As soon as enhancements or improvements to the operating software are available, the set carries out an automatic software update at the appropriate time adjustable in the menu on the TV. This ensures a high level of future-security and a wider and improved range of functions.

AutoInstall When using the TV for the first time you must create a few important settings specifically adaptation to local conditions. Clear instructions from the installation wizard provided by TechniSat guide you through easy-to-understand dialogues, enabling you to carry out the required configuration easily and rapidly.


Your TV will therefore be ready for use in a short time. TechniFamily TechniFamily can be used to set up password-protected user profiles.

Customised access options and restrictions can be defined for each profile, e. In this way parents can adjust viewing behaviour as appropriate for the child. This corresponds to a picture containing over 2 million pixels.

The high quality screens used by TechniSat display this resolution perfectly, so that, with this resolution capability, an exceptionally detailed and clear picture is achieved with spatial definition. Just like hiding it inside a very thin brick.

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If hackers can open up the card and get to the key, they can extract the key and use it to make cloned cards. This leads us to the secrecy of the hardware. Four years ago, Wired magazine posted a YouTube video see below showing Chris Tarnovsky demonstrating how to extract the chip from a smartcard, and access the electrical signals. Reprogramming the card to display its stored data including the decryption key is the next step.

Modern cards are better, but the techniques for getting into them are also better. Many digital TV watchers use techniques such as card sharing or internet key sharing to spread the cost of a Pay-TV subscription among tens or hundreds of people. And you can buy blank smartcards online from places such as Alibaba.

Pay-TV smartcard hacking – how easy is it?

There are also dedicated forums online to help would-be criminals access satellite TV and Pay-TV without a subscription. The information is out there and is easy to access. Of course, anyone attempting to use the information has to be technically capable and adventurous.

Is it being done on an industrial scale? Perhaps in places such as China or South America. A lot of the hardware which enables or supports unlawful access to IT systems e. ATM card skimming — the illegal copying of information from the magnetic strip of a credit or ATM card appears to be coming from those regions. The Chinese government is trying to stop hacking and the systems which support it.