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an AC voltage stabilizer relay type in the range of 2KVA to 5KVA capacity Join Date: Nov ; Posts: 9; Helped: 0 / 0; Points: ; Level: 2. Buy Servokon SKM A Automatic Voltage Stabilizer for Rs Online. any manufacturing defect from the date of invoice/Delivery * Will not charge a penny . PULSTRON PTID 5 KVA (90VV) Single Phase Automatic Voltag. Date: August 20, I am interested to purchase (a) V gaurd mainline stabiliser model No: V-Guard VGMW /5KVA Voltage Stabilizer. I would like to know if.

Right from the inception of the company we have made sure the quality of products manufactured and supplied by Purevolt are of international standard.

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Therefore at regular interval quality control exercises are carried out in factories and assembly units to test the standard of making and also the finished product. Our testers pick out items from random units of shipment to double check. We take every possible measure to make sure our customers do not face trouble. Timely delivery is a factor we stress about and till date have maintained our reputation as a supplier who never fails to meet the deadline.

So if you decide to order with us we can assure that you will not be kept waiting and delivery will be made within the pre decided date.

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Certification and participation in renowned trade shows - We have customers all across the globe and are expanding our business at rapid pace. We try to showcase all the new developments done in our products like Servo Stabilizer, Isolation Transformer, automatic voltage controllerStep Down Transformer or variable auto transformer etc. Feedbacks are taken very positively and in sporting nature by our employees as all of us want to improve and upgrade our technical as well as management skills.

We ask our customers to feel free to drop any kind of feedback about our products such as Servo controlled voltage stabilizer, variable auto transformer or Sine Wave Inverters which they think we should work upon.

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As we are exporter to lot of countries, we must take all types of feedback from our overseas clients and try to evaluate all the issues and work for a better performing product. With RS more than one system parameters can be checked in PC. User can start and stop servo from the PC itself. This will generate system status and fault history report to understand line and load voltage behavior 15 System in manual mode alarm message in case the system is bypassed through digital control No This feature will help user to remind system is in manual mode, by mistake if user forgets to change from manual to auto mode system will not regulate respected line output and can damage load 16 Carbon loss indication for easy preventive action and maintenance No User will come to know that carbon brush has damaged this will lead system output to be very high voltage and can ask for early preventive action, load will be safe in case of carbon failure.

Apart from its standard feature it has following unique features to improve reliability, serviceability and reduce system down time. Compatible with Suvik servo-control cards and so that all the energy related data can be seen on the same display where servo-voltage stabilizer data are being displayed. Variac protection Utility voltage levels are very dynamic and change over time is unpredictable.

Higher voltage can generate catastrophic failure in SCVR mainly Variac which impacts on higher down time. This feature isolates the VARIAC whenever voltage goes high at cutoff limit and restores the same once utility voltage comes back to normal range.

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Carbon brush failure protection Carbon brush failure is frequent phenomena due to wear and tear. This failure results in higher down time or uncontrolled voltage to machines. Suvik has developed algorithm to detect carbon brush loss. This feature helps user to take preventive action to reduce down time and MTTR.