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registration plate check free uk dating

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In March, the digits will always be the same as the last two digits of the year. In September, the digits will be the same as the last two digits of the year plus For example, a number plate of a London car registered in March would read LA The number plate of a London car registered in Septemberwould read LA How does the plate change affect personalised plates?

Depending on the age of your vehicle, there may be restrictions on the registration that can appear on your number plate.

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Before making your choice you must take note of these limitations. Where the personalised registration number has an age identifier i.

registration plate check free uk dating

For example, if your personalised number plate had the numbers 08 or 58 in it, then the car will have to have been registered in or after. It is important to keep in mind that these restrictions still apply for older cars too.

Checking a vehicle’s date of first registration and vehicle tax is free...

If you wish to start your personalised registration plate with a singular letter, you must check the old number plate system to see if it is suitable for your car. If you choose a W, for example, then you must ensure that your car was made in or after the year Registration in those regions began with the letter S in Scotland and I in Ireland. These national identifiers would be followed by another letter which, like the English and Welsh versions, specified the local registering authority, and then by the sequential ID number.

Upon reaching and thus exhausting its available numbers, an authority would be given another two-letter mark which would enable them to continue issuing car registrations.

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These new letter codes, however, followed no predictable sequence or pattern, as they were allocated ad hoc to authorities that requested them. In the scheme was extended due to the shrinking number of available combinations.

registration plate check free uk dating

Further extensions to the scheme were required in some areas by the s, again due to demand depleting the pool of remaining numbers. In these areas, the format was reversed so that the number component preceded the letter component.

In the areas of greatest demand, yet another extension was introduced within a decade, this time using the range 1A YY. Suffix Car Registrations Demand for registrations continued to grow as the number of vehicles on UK roads increased, and a slightly more flexible format was devised, one which would provide more information about the vehicle.

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This new format retained the principle of the regional identification letters, and the sequential ID number. The innovation was the addition of a letter code at the end of the plate, which indicated the year of issue. Similarly, in the following year ofthe range of possible registrations issued was AAA1B-YYYB, which is the same as the range for the previous year but with the appropriately altered year suffix, and so on year after year.

This had two major benefits: Because of the placing of the year code at the end of the character string, these new plates became known as suffix number plates.