Single moms dating diary

Dating Diary Of A Single Mom: Do You Talk On The Phone Anymore? | MadameNoire

single moms dating diary

Kweli details what may be the worst date ever in the history of dating since the beginning of the world, back to when Adam first took Eve out. Does anyone talk on the phone anymore? I really don't mind. The thing about figuring out how to date when you're a single mom is that Keep a diary of your sleeping and make note if you have any other.

single moms dating diary

Again, I packed up everything, and this time carried my bags and my daughter in my arms. He took her carseat and jetted for the door, walking several feet ahead of us not even stopping to hold the doors.

Dating Diary Of A Single Mom: Do You Talk On The Phone Anymore?

Needless, to say the car ride was silent. I quickly wake up once I realize homeboy was taking off my seat belt as if to rush me out of the car. What are you doing? For the third time, I grab all my things and my child, and proceed to head to the door.


Hands and arms visibly full this clown proceeds to demand a hug. I was embarrassed thinking about how insane I looked walking next to him at the theatre.

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While this fellow had some great fundamental qualities about him, his severe lack of maturity was debilitating. As I expressed to him, I need a man that can compliment me in every way.

single moms dating diary

Money is fleeting, and while financial stability garners a five-star rating, I need someone who can do more than open their wallet. I was never put on punishment. The thought of putting me on punishment was punishment to my mother.

single moms dating diary

There is no better joy to a mother than being around their child and being able to nurture them and see them grow. Yes, single fathers, the most over populated creature in America.

single moms dating diary

As we know, daddy got a life too. There could be no feelings whatsoever for the father, but once you meet his new girlfriend Shanaynay, you wish they had a restraining order for these cases.

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Picture the Incredible Hulk having to balance time between being a father to his kid and being a loving boyfriend, all while trying to get good reports from his job, which is to save the world. The life of a single mother is tough as it is, and the thought of potentially dating a man who has Tami from Basketball Wives as a baby mama can add another level of stress that you are not willing to deal with.

The dating life of a single mother has challenges. Yet, I can date more casually for fun, more for the experience of meeting new people, but it takes me much longer to get attached.

The Single Mom's Dating Diary

A lot of my answers lie on my own shoulders. What is wrong with me? On the other hand, the time that has passed since being involved with him has shown me that although losing him from my life was painful, it was absolutely for the best.

So my choices are simple, I either let someone in partially or I stay disconnected totally until I find someone worthy of taking the risk.

I was very fortunate this year to find a book that has drastically shaped my life and my future.

single moms dating diary

I highly recommend, The Successful Single Mom for anyone going through a difficult time in life.