Sikh islam converts dating

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sikh islam converts dating

The singer, who is Sikh by birth, has belted out some popular chartbusters like It has been reported that the singer is proud to have converted to Islam and has as per the Hindu Marriage Act. So he converted to Islam and married Hema. Islam is an Abrahamic religion founded in the Arabian peninsula, while Sikhism is a Dharmic . Apostasy, that is abandonment of Islam by a Muslim and conversion to another religion or atheism, is a religious crime in Islam punishable with. In sikhism, to get married, just like with a church ceremony, we have our own ceremony Marriage. Can a Muslim man marry a Sikh woman, given Sikhs are also monotheistic? You should only convert if you are really interested in sikhi.

Baptized Sikhs are strict lacto-vegetarians. Dhimmis were excluded from having to pay Islamic religious tax such as zakat and excluded from observing other Islamic religious obligations. The Golden Temple Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar, India is not only a central religious place of the Sikhs, but also a symbol of human brotherhood and equality. The four entrances of this holy shrine from all four directions, signify that people belonging to every walk of life are equally welcome.

The Golden Temple is a holy site for Sikhs and is welcome to people of any faith. Mecca in Saudi Arabia is the central religious place in Islam.

Non-Muslims are prohibited from entering the city. Pilgrimage Sikhs do not believe in pilgrimages; Muslims, in contrast, consider Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca a crucial part of the faith.

During Mughal Emperor Akbar's rule, for example, Sikhism and diverse religions were temporarily accepted. Guru Arjan was tortured and executed by Mughal emperor Jahangir.

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Guru Hargobindsixth Guru of the Sikhsafter the martyrdom of Guru Arjan saw that it would no longer be possible to protect the Sikh community without the aid of arms. Banda Singh captured Sirhind and laid the foundation of Sikh empire. This is considered as a reason by many historians due to which Malerkotla was the only city not harmed by Banda Singh Bahadur during his military campaign. Ranjit Singh declared during his coronation that Muslims would be governed under Islamic law and appointed many of them in important official positions.

The Muslim religious leadership and mosques continuously received state support under Sikh rule. High taxes, according to some contemporary accounts, had depopulated large tracts of the countryside.

sikh islam converts dating

The popular myth associated with it is that the town was not impacted because of Guru Gobind Singh blessing it after its Nawab protested against the execution of the Guru's sons. The two teen converted fire extinguishers into an explosive device. The devices detonated after a wedding party had left for the reception. A gurdwara priest was injured seriously, while two others were treated for minor injuries. The gurdwara building was damaged severely. One of the teens was in deradicalization program.

Whenever I would hear about what the guru's had to go through because of the Mongols or that era I'd wanna kill a muslim. I would sit in the gudwara listen to the baba tell stories of the guru's and just get pissed. I don't know about gudwara's around the world but in Canada in the langar hall they ususally have so many paintings of muslims killing sikhs and the guru's. One day I met a Muslim guy at university,and we began going out.

sikh islam converts dating

I don't know why I even went out with him but I did. Eventually we got married, my parents were okay with it. We Had a really nice wedding.

I had already told him that I would die before becoming a muslim, and he was okay with that.

Story of why a Sikh Girl converted to Islam

As I stayed in their home the first few months of my married life. I began to see them as people. They were actually nice people. They never once asked me to convert which surprised me. His father was very religious, I use to often see him praying or having religious talks with my husband. Even though I had decided okay maybe muslims are nice.

sikh islam converts dating

One day I was like hmm let me find out what islam is. I began reading about it. It was nothing like I thought it was. It made so much sense to me. But that wasn't gonna change me being a Sikh. One day I asked my husband to have a debate with me about sikhism and islam. My husband never wins debates but he won this one. So i thought maybe im not that knowledgable in sikhism. I began taking classes and studied it day in day out.

The more I studied it the more I got scared, the fact that Islam might be the right religon shook me. I couldn't give it up, my pride this is who I was a sikh, my anncestors faught to their death so they could keep their faith.

Here is some of what i learned He was god mom why didn't god kill the muslims. My mom's answer was he wanted to show them. I did further research and found out that this was part of guru's plans if they wanted they could have done magic but did not want to. So god can die? If god can't protect himself how is he gonna help me? Then some say they were sent down from the akal purath to show the way they had a part of god in them.

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Fiar enough but first off thats wrong guru granth says that it denounces prophethood. Secondly if only a part of god is with them then why do we worship his creation why not worship the almighty himself.

Thats like saying imma go worship my mom. Don't even deny it you know ur parents are sure enough to have pictures of guru Nanak and guru gobind singh ji somewhere in the house.

Islam and Sikhism

And u know ur parents fold their hand and pray to them. When i use to read Nitnama Bani, I use to read passages which said I seek protection under guru gobind singh ji's sword. Guru Gobind singh ji died, if he couldn't protect himself with his own sword i don't think that sword is gonna do much for me or anybody else. But Asking my parents and varoius Baba's at the gudwara and even discovering it myself. Maybe Guru Nanak did mean there is one god but afterwards something happened along the way?

Guru Nanak's chola which is kept by a chosen Gursikh family has in arabic the words written on it La illa ilallah muhhamdur rusool allah.

Celebrities who converted to Islam

It is said he gave it to his followers. There are pictures of it on the internet if you think I am lying. He went to mecca medina which everybody knows.

sikh islam converts dating

If u are a muslim u very well know no non-muslims are aloud there. It's strictly for believers only.

sikh islam converts dating

There is story which says Guru Nanak was sleeping with his feet towards the Kabbah when he arrived at mecca and a man asked him to move his feet. And supposably the man was shocked and thought Guru Nanak was a saint.

This story cann't make sense at all!! First off If that were true and Nanak had his feet in the direction of the kabbah they would have killed him no questions asked.

Its tottal disrespect, and besides why would he come all that way to do hajj and then disrespect it like that. It just makes no sense. Mecca is an extremly religious place u can't just expect to do that and nothing happen to you. If guru Nanak thought the Kabbah was nothing then he would not have made the trouble to do pilgrimage there.