Republican dating a democrat

Can a Democrat and Republican make a marriage work? | Deseret News

republican dating a democrat

I'm pretty far left and have difficulty keeping my politics to myself with Democrats. No way in hell I'd consider dating a republican. permalink. Some believe that almost half of America wouldn't date someone with dating sites, one for Republicans, another for liberal Democrats. Dating for a year followed by a year-long engagement gave Alison and Chris Their yard displaying both Republican and Democratic political.

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Now, they have an orchard and vegetable garden out back, and every so often, their beautiful rock barn hosts herds of people for dinner. They are from opposing political parties.

Chris is running for city council.

republican dating a democrat

With all their differences, Chris and Alison have made things work. Each day, Chris, 65, commutes to his law practice in Lehi, while Alison, 61, owns an online clothing business.

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But more baffling to those living in this central Utah artists' enclave is how the Andersons manage to navigate another difference in their lives: How can Alison, a die-hard Democrat, and Chris, a rock-ribbed Republican, make a marriage work?

Of women who identify as Democrats, 82 percent said their spouse was also a Democrat, 10 percent said Independent, and 9 percent said Republican.

republican dating a democrat

Of women who identify as Republican, 91 percent said their spouse was a Republican, 6 percent said Independent, and 3 percent said Democrat. Alison's answer is simple: Chris said conversation and representation of various opinions are good things — both for the government and his home.

Bipartisan marriages Dating for a year followed by a year-long engagement gave Alison and Chris plenty of time to learn about each other's political leanings before getting married.

republican dating a democrat

She's dated Democrats in the past, but she found their acceptance of abortion heartbreaking and their support of President Obama nearly as off-putting. It's such a big difference. Most of the major online dating sites won't set up Republicans with Democrats either.

republican dating a democrat

It's more that firmly-held positions on issues — particularly social issues such as abortion and gay marriage — are wrapped up tight with their overall worldviews, says Peter Hatemi, a political scientist at Penn State University.

The word "tend" is key. There are lots of couples who hold opposing political positions who otherwise get along just fine. Others, who don't have terribly strong feelings one way or another, are willing to go along with their spouse's views in order to get along.

republican dating a democrat

But survey data indicate that on average, political and social attitudes are as strong a predictor of whether two people will get together and stay together as religion or drinking habits, and a stronger predictor than things like personality types. Political preferences seem to come packaged with a whole set of other kinds of tastes, with liberals and conservatives having separate preferences when it comes to things such as humor, food and even whether they want poetry to rhyme, according to John Hibbing, coauthor of the forthcoming book Predisposed: Liberals, Conservatives and the Biology of Political Difference.