Lifetime movies about dating abuse cycle

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lifetime movies about dating abuse cycle

The Mighty analyzed six movies to see how they portrayed childhood emotional abuse. I found the following movies (made for tv) by going to the Lifetime TV website The film documents her quest to break the vicious cycle of domestic violence. These documentary films and videos are helpful in learning about domestic " Defending Our Lives" aims to educate people about domestic violence and to spur women and young girls break the cycle of sexual abuse and exploitation . . Dangerous Intentions lifetime movie dvd Lifetime Movies, Love Movie, Movie Tv.

Able at last to stand up to her husband, Celie leaves him to search for a new life on her own.

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A major box-office hit, The Color Purple was nominated for eleven Oscars. The film was co-produced by Quincy Jones, who also wrote the score. Ike takes Tina under his wing and makes her a star, but her fame makes him jealous and abusive, and she has to struggle to break free of his domination. At long last, she leaves him and tries to start a new life for herself.

Paul, however, has become obsessed with the thought of getting Kate back, and starts stalking her. Matters come to a head when he takes her hostage and threatens to kill her. Will she get out of this alive, or will it end in tragedy? After he rapes her one night, she sets the bed on fire with him in it asleep. Antonio is desperate to win back Pilar.

Films about abusive relationships

He pulls her outside into the parking lot and slaps her, all of which is witnessed by Nicki and her boyfriend nearby.

Nicki quickly confronts Stacy about how badly Bobby is treating her, but Stacy defends him, saying he's been through a lot. When Nicki flat out says that he doesn't love her, she angrily says, "Then you don't know what love is!

lifetime movies about dating abuse cycle

After Nicki helps her see the truth, she accepts that he isn't treating her right and ends their relationship. When Bobby doesn't take the break-up well, she offers for them to just be friends, but they are soon estranged when he hears that she was talking to another boy at a birthday party and slaps her again despite them no longer dating. Later that night, Bobby, accompanied by an acquaintance, Vince Fortner, convinces Stacy to get into his car for a ride.

He drives to the lake and walks off with her to be alone. The next day, it is reported that Stacy is missing. Most people guess that she hitchhiked and was murdered, but Laura suspects that Bobby has something to do with it especially after she finds Stacy's purse in his room. Nicki is also convinced that he is responsible for her disappearance and asks Carla, a witness on the night that she disappeared, for information.

Her reluctance to tell what happened frustrates Nicki. Accompanied by Laura, Nicki goes to the police, informing Laura and Detective Anderson how abusive Stacy's relationship with Bobby was. Carla eventually talks to them as well, admitting that Bobby and Vince took Stacy to the lake. Bobby and Vince are arrested and Bobby blames Stacy's disappearance on Vince.

When confronted by this lie, Vince admits that Bobby was the one last seen with her, and later reveals that when he came back alone, he said that "if he can't have her, no one's gonna".

Vince was free to go, since he told Detective Anderson the truth, that he didn't know if Bobby killed Stacy. I only bathed, and changed, and nursed you Go ahead and leave me, I deserve it Let me die alone here, be my guest!

lifetime movies about dating abuse cycle

Unfortunately in real life, dealing with the effects of an emotionally abusive upbringing can sometimes be a lifelong journey. By the end of the movie, Rapunzel confronts her mother, and though her voice shakes, she stands up for herself in the face of her abuser — which is something many children of emotional abuse are never able to do.

Though not altogether realistic, seeing Rapunzel face her mother can still be encouraging for survivors of childhood emotional abuse, showing them it is possible to be free from an abuser and give them hope for recovery. As the movie suggests, this is why Harding went looking for love in abusive relationships.

6 Movies That Got Childhood Emotional Abuse (Mostly) Right | The Mighty

Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse. Of the movie Mighty community member Chanda C. The abuser is corrupting the development of the child and stunting emotional growth.

So much going on in that movie. Ma normalizes as much as she can for Jack, but after their eventual escape, they must deal with the mental health ramifications of living in the forced captivity.

Domestic Violence in Film

This detail coupled with the fact Jack seems to transition well out of the traumatic situation could speak to the importance of early intervention. Tell us in the comments. Share it with someone you care about.