Dating disneyland ticket books

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dating disneyland ticket books

Among the items was an early program and a ticket book, both of which I At that time, admission prices to Disneyland and Walt Disney World were Most of the later books do not have an expiration date, but instead have a. The three most important elements in the value of a Disneyland ticket book are the date it is from, the overall condition of the book, and the amount of tickets in. Find great deals on eBay for Disneyland Ticket Book in Disney Theme Park Souvenirs. Very Rare Vintage Date Nite Disneyland Ticket Book Unused's .

A web site offers more detail of the opening day events and a second, green, variation of the ticket which allowed for a later entry.

Vintage Disneyland Ticket Books

Another web site offers one of the green tickets for sale. This ticket is x 89 mm. There is no printing on the reverse of the ticket.

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Based on the attractions listed in a complete ticket book, this format was offered between June and June The "B" ticket includes the Viewliners and the Midget Autopia. The reverse of the tickets state "These coupons are not subject to refund and may be used only for admission as indicated. Listed attractions are subject to price change and availability without notice.

dating disneyland ticket books

This may be the first ticket to include the welcome message from Walt Disney as a separate blue sheet at the front of the book. Earlier ticket books displayed the welcome message on the cardboard backing. On this book, the back cover features an ad which states that additional ticket books can be purchased at ticket booths and souvenir stands throughout the park.

Some "A" tickets feature the horse-drawn "Fire Wagon" while later ones list the motorized "Fire Engine. The "D" ticket lists a train station in Tomorrowland. In the example pictured, the tickets were good for the first four months of the year. The Sleeping Beauty Castle was demoted to a "B" ticket attraction in It was raised in to a "D" and an "E" ticket in with the opening of the Nature's Wonderland area in This was the first ticket book to feature a date code on the cardboard backing.

In this case "" indicated that the ticket book was printed in June The date codes were used throughout the end of the lettered ticket books.

dating disneyland ticket books

Disney ticket books for children are the smallest in the set, and ticket books for adults are the largest. In addition to the standard ticket book from the period, there is a jumbo ticket book that is 3. With tickets from A through D, the jumbo book features more tickets than its standard counterpart does. Newer ticket books have an "E" level ticket that visitors used for the finest and fastest attractions.

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Perhaps the most important element in evaluating the quality of a vintage Disney ticket book is determining whether it is complete, containing all the original tickets from the date of production. Some A to E ticket books may appear to be complete Disney booklets; however, they may contain mismatched tickets. A complete collection of tickets from the same original ticket book features the same serial number on each ticket.

The Value of Disneyland Ticket Books The three most important elements in the value of a Disneyland ticket book are the date it is from, the overall condition of the book, and the amount of tickets in the book.

Specific dates are particularly valuable among collectors.

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For example, ticket books from Walt Disney's lifetime feature the founder's signature. Collectors pay much more for these books than they do for later books that feature "Walt Disney Productions" in place of his signature.

dating disneyland ticket books

Books with sharp corners, vivid graphics, and bright colors demand higher prices than worn out books with bends or creases. The more tickets a book has inside, the more valuable it is, as well.