18 year old daughter dating older man

My year-old daughter is dating a year-old

18 year old daughter dating older man

It's certainly not uncommon for a woman to prefer dating older men, and vice versa. If your daughter is 18 or older, she is an adult and entitled to make her own she should not be engaging in sexual activity with any man, however old he is. My daughter has been dating this older man for 4 months. Bad news is, it's really easy to talk an 18 year old into not using a condom when. Because they parents love their daughter and want to be sure that she is always in a safe situation. An older man is not hanging out with girls/ women in his own age group —- now why is that? Should I be worried if my year-old daughter is dating a man 20 years older than her?.

If your daughter gets into a serious relationship with an older man, ask her what he wants from the relationship, and whether it is compatible with her relationship goals.

For example, if he has children from a previous relationship, he may not want to have any more.

18 year old daughter dating older man

If your daughter does want children of her own, making her aware of this potential problem is in her best interests. However, don't come across as interfering or supercilious. Reassure your daughter that you want her to be happy.

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When to Take Action If your daughter is below the legal age of consent for your state, she should not be engaging in sexual activity with any man, however old he is. Even if intercourse has not occurred, you may have concerns that an older man is trying to take advantage of your teenage daughter.

In this case, it is your responsibility as her mother to try to put a stop to the relationship.

My Teenage Daughter is Dating an Older Man, What Should I Do?

Encourage your daughter to mix with her peers. Talk to her about dating, sex and relationships. Be honest with her about your own experiences and aim to have a two-way conversation, instead of lecturing her, advises the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

Establish rules and curfews and explain to your daughter that these are in her best interests.

18 year old daughter dating older man

Make her aware of the repercussions of breaking the rules. Enlist the help of your husband or partner in enforcing these rules.

My 18-year-old daughter is dating a 50-year-old

How should I handle this? I am too embarrassed to talk to my friends about it. Mariella replies I feel your pain. Your job was to raise her and teach her how to be the best adult possible.

18 year old daughter dating older man

Your situation is a parental nightmare, but not the most unusual of scenarios. In many ways his age is of less concern than the family he is about to forsake.

Having been through a family breakup yourself you are well equipped to understand the legacy of such a separation.

18 year old daughter dating older man

Is your anger being exacerbated by still-painful memories of the demise of your own relationship? Unresolved pain and anger might be pushing you towards your entrenched opposition. It might give you the impetus to overcome your instincts and swallow your pride.

18 year old daughter dating older man

Refusing to meet the man she thinks she loves is a mistake. It puts all the power in his corner by casting you as the intolerant villain.

How to Get My Daughter to Stop Dating Older Men

Your first — albeit unappealing — step has to be to meet the object of her affections and treat him with civility. Refusing to engage with him will only propel her further into his orbit and dissipate any leavening influence you might have. Meeting him is a must otherwise your objections are based only on your misgivings, not the individuals involved.