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Find the best SAP GTS training in Marathahalli, Bangalore. Enroll with top institutes for SAP GTS courses, classes in Marathahalli with ✓Real-Time Project. SAP Global Trade Services training course content. SAP GTS Modules. Compliance Management; Customs Management; Risk Management; Electronic . For a fresher to join IBM specially GTS is very Read More. Reply as Brand . Also company spent lots of money for training purposeC Read More. Reply as.

In the same way if you are selling the product to the customer who is residing in other country then it is called as export. We not only provide job support also provide project support to you. We will solve all your problems of your project. And it reduces the risk of non-compliance. The regulations that are introduced by customs authority of international trade are: While exporting the product or importing the product from different countries it is necessary to take care about the declaration documentations.

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For example, if you are exporting from US to Canada or US to Mexico or US to Germany then, it is necessary to submit the legal documents or legal messages like certificate of origin, commercial invoice, packing list etc. Thus different documents need to be submitted to the authority while exporting any product from one country to other.

In the similar way, if any company doing their business in US is trying to import a product from Germany then it needs to submit other legal documents. So it is necessary to submit different declarations or documents to the customs authority as part of import or export. This is said to be as complex documentation requirement. Taking care of the product is the other regulation. That means whenever you are exporting the product, generally the product which is need to be exported must make sure that whether the product got license or not.

If you want to determine a license to the product then, the product has to be classified. In SAP Global Trade Services Online Training, the classification is a process of attaining the import control classification number or export control classification number. So considering the license for a product, there are few prerequisites need to be fulfilled. They are classifying the product. Once the classification of a product is done then the SAP GTS Training system will identify what type of license is required for a product.

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