Sam worthington and zoe saldana dating history

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sam worthington and zoe saldana dating history

Jan 23, The Strange Relationship: for the CGI generation sees paraplegic war vet Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) falling head over blue heels for Na'vi warrior princess Neytiri (Zoe Saldana). After all, everyone's got history. Jan 15, Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington have signed on to reprise their roles as Neytiri and Jake Sully in James Cameron's James Maslow Splits From Girlfriend Gabriela Lopez . Kate and Jon Gosselin's Drama-Filled History. Feb 18, Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana are returning to star in the Avatar but the 40 -year-old Australian actor has finally confirmed a start date of.

Their coupledom is greatly helped by the face that Death manages to find such a handsome body to live in. Can you imagine introducing him to your mates if he was all robe and scythe?!

Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer do Twilight with a sense of humour in Jonathan Levine's tale of undead star-crossed lovers. Walking corpse R finds himself enamoured with the gun-wielding, very much alive Julie and, in a fine example of the power of Stockholm Syndrome, she starts falling for him too.

It's hard to imagine that romance would be on anyone's mind in the case of a zombie apocalpyse, but saying that we've definitely met men with worse conversational skills than the monosyllabic R, so we'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Avatar's Zoe Saldana & Sam Worthington Have a Double Date Night at Baby2Baby Gala

Scott and Ramona - Scott Pilgrim vs. The World The Strange Relationship: Scott Pilgrim's Michael Cera persistent pursuit of Ramona Flowers Mary Elizabeth Winstead pays off and the young lovebirds settle in for that honeymoon period of holding hands and beaming at each other or whatever it is that happy couples do. It turns out that before you can date the lovely Ms. Flowers, you have to fight off her seven evil exes.

And we don't mean passive-aggressively snark at in the pub.

sam worthington and zoe saldana dating history

We mean fight fight. After all, everyone's got history. Ramona's is just more Scott just shows that if you want to get the girl, sometimes you have to become a video game hero.

sam worthington and zoe saldana dating history

The last trash compactor robot on Earth meets the android girl of his dreams in Pixar's sob-fest love story. If this is what robot romance is like, we are officially on board.

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These two might not be technically human, but they have more heart than most. Oh yeah, and she's an anatomically correct sex doll.

Lars Ryan Gosling thrills his family when he announces he's met his dream girl, but everyone is left a wee bit scared an uncomfortable when doll-friend Bianca arrives at the dinner table. Probbaly not for long - having one-sided conversations is bound to get a bit tedious after a while - but weirder things have happened.

Remember that woman who married the Eiffel Tower?!

Zoe Saldana

In a fit of post break-up rage, Joel Jim Carrey decides to erase chameleon-haired ex-girlfriend Clem Kate Wislet from his memories in Michel Gondry's romantic sci-fi thriller headfuck. Naturally, half way through he realises that he's made a huge mistake, and chases Clem through his own mind in a futile attempt to save her. She then appeared in the Britney Spears vehicle Crossroads The film was met with negative reviews from critics, but became somewhat of a box office success.

sam worthington and zoe saldana dating history

In Pirates of the Caribbean: Gibbs for a chance to confront Jack Sparrow for stealing her ship. As to why she never appeared in any further films in the franchise, Saldana revealed that she almost quit acting following "disrespectful treatment" on set of the film. Abrams ' Star Trek reboot She then starred in the romantic comedy-dramas Premium and After Sex Female Power Icons in Pop Culture" panel, Comic-Con Saldana appeared in two roles inwhich both went on to raise her profile considerably.

Abrams asked Saldana to play the role because he had seen and liked her previous work.

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Saldana had never seen the original series, though she had played a Trekkie in The Terminalbut agreed to play the role after Abrams complimented her. She met with Nichelle Nicholswho explained to her how she had created Uhura's background and named the character. For the role, she was required to gain weight, as she was expected to carry weapons around for eight hours a day. Her television ad for Calvin Klein 's "Envy" line also debuted in While the latter film was met with negative reviews from critics, Saldana's performance was praised.

Saldana also co-produced the four-hour, two-part show.