Quotes about single moms and dating

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quotes about single moms and dating

London Scout. I had wanted to first hang out with you because I had a feeling I'd get along with you and we'd have a fun time. I don't think either. I could elaborate forever, but really I'll just cut to the chase and say dating a single mom is not for weak men. It is not for cowards and certainly. A collection of single mom quotes that beautifully capture the Single moms do not always want to stay single forever, but dating can be.

It also means I love quick; when I first meet someone, I can tell whether or not I will really like them. Sometimes I feel like I put more thought into fantasy than the real world.

A lot of my fears with relationships are based on my past experiences and the fact that my son is all I truly need. I touch hearts and lives wherever I go. I have a need to make a difference. I grew up in an unhealthy environment and I know that has had lasting effects when it comes to trusting people and being guarded. I fear letting someone in and being hurt again so much that I am unsure if the possible reward is worth the risk.

I have only done it a few times since after my son was born. After a long period of being alone and focusing on loving myself, I have higher standards of what I want from an intimate relationship.

quotes about single moms and dating

I still have urges and after our first date and having a few beers I was really horny and wanted to fuck right then. Single moms have super powers indeed and they teach us that when you know how to prioritize, incredible things can be achieved. Yes, it costs them a little, but what my children get in return is a mother who is energized and content. Besides all their responsibilities, mothers wish, most of all, to be able to spend time with their children and share with them a few moments of peace and joy.

Children need to see their mother happy and content, not stressed and miserable.

quotes about single moms and dating

A single mom tries when things are hard. She never gives up. She believes in her family, even when things are tough.

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They always know what to do and how to do it, and are never willing to give up when times get rough. When they cannot fix something, they know that love can make everything better. What is free time? My free moments are filled with loving my little girl. They rarely benefit of free time and even when they do have some free moments, they choose to spend those moments with their children, making sure their children receive all the love they need.

And since love is never too much, mothers love to spoil their children. Remember that a single mom is just like any other mom and that our number one priority is till our kids. Any parent does whatever it takes for their kids and a single mother is no different. Games, Games, Games Let me be very clear on this point. The ONLY games single moms want to play, is with their children. Chances are we have already spent a good chunk of time wasted in a relationship that was wrong for us.

Be real, be an adult or go find someone else to play your mind games with. We are mature adults that deserve honesty, not some high school twit you can mess with.

9 Reasons It Takes A Strong Man To Date A Single Mom

Throw them out the window. We know a thing or two about seeing through the mask. Really, we just want someone to be real with us. We want to feel like an adult, not just a mom.

Treat us like you respect us. Treat us like an equal.

quotes about single moms and dating

We will put their needs above our own and yours anyday. Weak men cannot understand this. They feel threatened by our children, like they need to compete for our love. Trust me; moms have an endless supply of love to give. We date for ourselves, not for our children. We manage by ourselves. Yes, ultimately we are a package deal and there is no escaping that.

In regards to long term, if you are lucky enough to end up with a single mom, it only means that you will someday be a part of something amazing.

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You will become a part of a family. You will be fostered into a loving dynamic and you will become a role model.

quotes about single moms and dating