Pros and cons of dating a marine

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pros and cons of dating a marine

The U.S. Marines are a very tight organization with an esprit de corps that borders on the dogmatic. - Pros: You will be part of the world's most elite whole fighting force (I say 'whole' because certain Is this answer still relevant and up to date?. There is a certain set of rules that you should be aware of before committing to a man in uniform. shares the pros and cons. Pros and Cons of Dating a Marine. White girl dating An Indian guy.

Dating a marine pro and cons

They eat, drink, sleep, piss, and shit excellence - or they get it right in the neck from their chain of command. I have never met a Marine with whom I was not sincerely impressed. So if you're not the type who commits to things mind, body, and soul and who still wonders what more you could be doing; you might find that the Marine Corps is too intense for you.

Of course, they also have some of the world's best training, and are adept at turning anyone willing to do the work into a Marine.

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I could wax poetic all day about it. You will travel a shit-ton, if you pick seagoing orders which you will have to in most jobs for your first command. The Navy is not alone in this potential, but in my estimation, it is the service with the highest concentration of these specialties. The Navy is by far the most 'traditional' of all the U.

pros and cons of dating a marine

The Navy's culture is firmly rooted in its history, and demands regimentation and nigh-unthinking deference to written regulations. There are times to think, and times to 'just do'.

Dating a marine pro and cons, Get over the air of authority

You'll be required to know what they taught you in basic training and in school and not a whole lot else. Trying to know more than that can cause you to end up as the proverbial 'squeaky wheel' - and the Navy has plenty of grease. At 40, he's still playing in a grunge band, positive he's going to "make it big" one day.

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This guy knows all your shows -- from Golden Girls reruns to Sex in the City, he's got them all under his belt -- and will happily watch them again. He knows if your bag matches your lipstick and knows the best place to get manicures in town.

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You can't tell if he's gay. This guy isn't YOUR boss, per se hopefully, because awk! He's assertive and not afraid to go after what he wants. He'll occasionally treat you like an employee rather than a partner.

pros and cons of dating a marine

A true romantic, this guy has been engaged more times than you can count on one hand, always convinced his next date will be with The One. He'll shower you with praise and compliments.

As soon as you show that you're human by burping after dinner, for examplehe's moved on to the next One.

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This guy is a genius or believes he is, at the very leastable to talk for hours about quantum physics or astronomy. He's very interesting to listen to.

Because he "knows everything," you'll never be right.

pros and cons of dating a marine

This guy knows everything about you, from where you graduated to the type of honey you put in your afternoon tea, he's got it all laid out. You never have to explain what you're doing. You'll never have to explain what you're doing because he already knows.