Medical school and dating

Pros and cons of dating in med school

medical school and dating

Explore Sarah Epstein's board "medical school dating comics" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Medical school, Dating and Quotes. I like online dating for this because you can screen potential dates There's almost always enough time in med school for at least “grab. I came into medical school as a bachelor who was extremely pessimistic about any chance at love during those next 4 years. Mind you, this.

As such, I have experience on both ends of the spectrum. In the twilight of my joyful college days before departing for four years of medical bootcamp, I happened to meet a girl who did in fact prove to be worth it.

While most people told me that entering medical school while in a relationship was a terrible idea, I proceeded and realized that they were wrong. Take your time with a period of romantic foreplay before giving it up and becoming Facebook official. Before going any further into the discussion of relationships in medical school, the number one most important question you have to ask yourself, is this the right person?

The ideal candidate for a significant other possesses many key qualities, but also, the right person is someone you can see yourself with long term.

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Why would you date someone in medical school if you know the relationship has an expiration date? Nothing will fuck with your focus like trying to study histology slides while images of your sweetheart Jenny being force-fed shots of tequila by her friends before leaving the bar with Chad to get over you dominate your brain.

You will not be able to hang out and watch her favorite show every night. Many times, her texts will go hours unanswered. Is she okay with that? Before entering the relationship or continuing a current relationship into medical school, you must have a candid talk with your girl about expectations.

You will be busy.

medical school and dating

You will have to miss some seemingly important social events. I have never been a fan of long distance relationships. A mildly long distance relationship in medical school can actually be the perfect scenario. In medical school, you are on a mission, and everything else takes the backseat to your studies. Distance can be a blessing.

medical school and dating

Dating someone in your class is one thing, but I highly advise you to avoid one night stands with classmates. Emotions can go awry. Her feelings are hurt. She tells her friends. And boom, you have enemies and a bad reputation. Shit, I knew a girl who was two-timing two different guys in our class. Then everyone goes out, and Billy sees Sarah go home with Bobby.

He thought they were exclusive. And now he hates her.

medical school and dating

Then Bobby stops by her place unexpectedly one day, and Billy is in her bed. As for exclusively dating, it would probably be pretty nice to have a classmate to commiserate with. To share in the same struggles and joys as you.

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A companion in the same position. Several of my classmates have linked up, and they mostly seem pretty great together. But still, you need to be weary. A breakup with a classmate would be hella awkward for the next few years. My take is this — If you find the love of your life and someone who gives you butterflies in your stomach and all that shit, go for it.

What are the perks of being in a relationship in medical School? Yeah, gotta call mom and dad once in a while, but you need a solid support system beyond your parents. You need that person in your corner to keep you going. The Mick to your Rocky Balboa, if you will. Connection to the Real World: Get you a girl who can make you laugh, tell you stories about her day, discuss music and movies, and talk about life when you need to take your mind off of med school.

For instance, I share all of my writing ideas with my girl, she helps me brainstorm, and even proofreads my posts before I submit them. Girls On the Brain: Vonnegut is a source of endless wisdom, but this bit proves essential when you spend all week studying.

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Hopefully once in a while during the few times you go out, you say the right things to the right girl and she goes home with you and you finally have terrible drunk sex to satiate your needs for the next two days before beginning another month or two of celibacy.

Then you go back to having Pathoma videos open in one tab and PornHub open in another, dreaming about the next time you get lucky. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, after all. Again, someone who is understanding of your stress and time constraints is important.

Shouts out to my girl for being a hero. Something to Look Forward to: Sometimes it can be weeks. One of the best parts about having a girlfriend in med school is that you can have a good time shacking up in your apartment, cooking dinners, and watching movies on your couch for the weekend without doing so alone when you want to avoid the hangovers.

Certainly, there are some cons of being in a relationship in medical school. You blew off our plans for some stupid test, do you even care about me?! You will inevitably get into arguments. But, medical school is a bad, bad time to be stressed out about things outside of medicine. Medical school requires focus and energy. A bad breakup can mean depression. Depression can mean loss of focus. Loss of focus can mean failing an exam.

Failing multiple exams can mean remediation or dismissal from med school. Dismissal from med school can lead a mountain of debt with no degree to show and no-so-promising career opportunities.

This can all lead to further depression. Deep depression can lead to suicide. Suicide can mean that your theoretical future children were never born. Your future theoretical child will never experience the joys of life. Think of the kids, man. I say this in jest. If your girl dumps you, she probably sucked anyways and you will meet someone better. Mope around for a day or two. Met different, better people.

medical school and dating

As you can see, the drawbacks of a relationship in medical school are all outcomes of dating the wrong person. How Do You Make it Work? A relationship in medical school takes work for both parties.

I completely respect this preparation and wholeheartedly endorse it. In order for a relationship to be successful while in medical school and beyond, one must prioritize and make time for things that matter.

If you are serious about the one you are with, you must recognize there are limited periods to get things done. Time is not on your side while in medical school. I truly think both options can work out and I have seen both work out only when the partner understands what medical school entails.

medical school and dating

This means it is critical that you give your significant other whether this is your spouse or someone you are dating an idea of what is to come both short term and long term. They must understand that you will most likely miss very important events but that you are doing this for the both of you and for your future.

It will all be worth it at the end. Clear this up sooner than later and encourage them to be there for you or leave as harsh as that is. Being with another physician or someone in healthcare has this as a huge perk but then again it is sometimes nice to get away from medicine or to be with someone who has more time on their hands. I must also add that Match Day can make a huge dent in a relationship. This is the day when graduating or already graduated medical students across the country find out where they will go for residency.

Many students plan this around their significant other. I remember watching one of my closest friend on that day go through a very bitter sweet moment.

Dating in Medical School

Some allow their relationship to cause them to struggle through medical school. There is no better test on a relationship than medical school. You will learn quickly if that person will be there when you need them and just as importantly, whether you find them worth it enough to be there for them.

Long distance relationships are doable only with a lot of effort. If there are any questions whatsoever, think really deeply if this who you want to spend the rest of your life with. These decisions are critical.

For those entering medical school already married, my recommendation would be to keep family first. Consider seeking a counselor if needed sooner than later. One of my classmates got divorced during medical school only to remarry that same partner 2 years later.

I can almost promise you that whoever can put up with you through medical training will be by your side during future storms. I can vouch for that. So, can one find or keep love in medical school and beyond?

Great news… It can definitely be done!