Marsha ambrosius and natalie stewart dating

marsha ambrosius and natalie stewart dating

But some are wondering whether Marsha Ambrosius might be in the with bandmate Natalie Stewart and when they broke up as a couple, they also Interesting: Mimi Is Writing A Book On Warning Signs Of Dating Men In. It's been a decade since British soul duo Floetry broke up. While the childhood friends–Natalie Stewart and Marsha Ambrosius–recently. Until recently, Natalie Stewart also known as “ The Floacist” has remained quiet about their split despite remarks made in the past from her former group member .

I had never wanted to be a solo artist and never sought that route out but my journey has brought me to that place and it is here as both artist and woman, I come into one and look to create something that speaks on both levels.

What Happened To The Other Piece Of Floetry

Did you have any idea what destiny laid ahead when you first embarked on your musical journey and if there was one thing you could change what would it be and more importantly would you?

When I became a poet or recognized the poet growing inside of me at the age of nineteen that became a pivotal time for me. I was always exploring the arts and literal world, curious about poetry and music and how it fit into my world. I studied everything I could in the world of performance art.

What Happened To The Other Piece Of Floetry | WZAK

I studied poetry, English, I studies acting but the thing that has been most interesting for me through it all is never allowing the career to superseded the overall journey that is life and being humble enough to be able to deal with the ups and downs of what comes with this life.

The beauty in being able to communicate with myself and monitor how well I am coping with the changes that come my way, especially when having to ultimately face the arrival at and acceptance of being a solo artist, which in the beginning was not where I pictured my destiny.

The music and sound you create Natalie speaks to so many people on so many different levels — for me I will listen to my Floetry albums when I am going through changes in my life or challenges and I need to reconnect back with my soul. What is the process like for a poet when creating words for the music they assign their feelings to?

I think it has so much to do with the construction of the being and I think you are so right when you say that music speaks to people on so many different levels because it does. As an artist you start to realise that what makes us the same is difference and difference is reality you know.

“The Floacist” Releases New Music; Calls Marsha Ambrosius A ‘Sell-Out’ Who Sold Herself For A Deal

I mean for me and my early life being in a military family I moved around a lot so my senses were always aware of my surroundings and the different cultures around me. You know I was born in Germany, I started my schooling in Hong Kong and I had Jamaican born parents both serving in the British Army, so for me culture and music was and always will be an integral part of my overbeing.

I remembered listening to reggae music in the middle of Kowloon Bay HK and just knowing that was what life was all about — the adventure, the message through song and word and the blending of cultures and freedom of thought. A lot of controversy surrounded the split of Floetry and left many of your fans sad, puzzled and a little confused at times.

I have read many conflicting stories through various magazines about the reasons behind you and Marsha Ambrosius parting ways and although I was shocked myself at first, when I look back at what the foundations of what Floetry was built on I began to understand.

Your recent track Soul explains a lot about what you were feeling about it all — not in a negative way but in a grown woman business kind of way. Can you share your thoughts on how the he said she said of the split made you feel and how you have dealt with it all to this point?

marsha ambrosius and natalie stewart dating

It was a very challenging time emotionally and mentally when Floetry split up you know, and it truly did shock me in a certain way to how it happened and also how the media took our split. Breakups are never easy and the same can be said for friendships, bands, and so on. As people we are a collective force finding our chosen ways through trial and error so when you find what you believe is your purpose in life and suddenly that stops, it shakes you!

marsha ambrosius and natalie stewart dating

Interestingly enough it is a very simple explanation at the end of the day in that Marsha Ambrosius wanted to go solo, as she had every right to do and signed a record deal with Aftermath Records inwith Floetry performing their last shows together in November of I have had to learn how to accept situations like these as a part of life and growth and to move on with a grateful and patient heart.

I am true believer that the only way to work in chaos is to remain calm and I work very still and very quiet and just let everything negative run off of me. Your solo projects have garnered you a new generation of neo-soul lovers as well as carried over your loyal Floecist Floetry fans as well. How is the transition from being in a group to a solo artist for you?

How have you ensured that you stay true to your style and sound, especially with your newer fans? With music being the soundtrack to our lives you know as an artist I believe you have this certain level of excellence to adhere and aspire to. There are some amazing beings whose footsteps you can choose to walk in and bow to a pillar you may create.

I just feel I have had the ability to navigate between two worlds with the super hype of celebrity to being able to be around my loved ones and live life as an everyday being. Those are the moments that I breath in. Born and raised in London, you captured the hearts and ears of the American soul community on a grand scale.

What do you think is the definable difference between the UK sound and that of America when it comes to music production? What was she to do? The problem with that is that they had a concert coming up. Ambrosius went on with the concert and it was billed as a Floetry performance.

Did Marsha Ambrosius Just Come Out The Closet And Get It Over With? | MadameNoire

Fans arrived to the show only to find that there was no Natalie Stewart. She had been replaced by a singer by the name of Amanda Diva.

Marsha Ambrosius Talks New Album And Her Sexuality - MadameNoire

So, who is Amanda Diva? Natalie explains in the interview that she was out of touch with her bandmate because she was ill and needed to get back into herself. Natalie Stewart Answers Gay Rumors We all know that it doesn't matter one way or the other if Natalie Stewart is gay or not, but juicy gossip is juicy gossip, right?!

marsha ambrosius and natalie stewart dating

In the same radio interview with Wendy Williams, Natalie Stewart puts an end to the gossip, admitting to being bisexual, while denying long-running rumors of carrying on a romance with band member Marsha Ambrosius, citing that, "Sexual orientation is for single folk," and she's married now.

She also states that when she was single, she had "fun" with girls and if she and her husband want to have more fun with girls together, then basically, that's their prerogative. The songbird goes on to say that the English do not regard sexuality as such a taboo subject as Americans do and spills all of Ambrosius' beans in revealing that she is as straight as they come.

Stewart also says that she and Marsha Ambrosia are still friends and are not planning to make music together again anytime soon because they are both enjoying their solo careers.

marsha ambrosius and natalie stewart dating

Well, at least the two have found at least one term upon which they can agree.