Lo and william levy dating

William Levy Allegedly Cheated On Wife-Like Girlfriend; Gay Rumors True?

lo and william levy dating

Dec 15, As a newly single man, William Levy has been stirring lots of dating rumors lately. Despite rumors that Levy has been secretly getting it on with. Aug 19, Mexican telenovela actor William Levy currently leads a fascinating family life with his longtime girlfriend and kids, but despite being seen as an. Dec 9, Rumor has it that JLo was the cause of William Levy's breakup from Elizabeth Gutierrez, could it be true?.

The handsome hunk William Levy Source: Huffington Post After the yearWilliam hasn't been linked to any other names and there isn't any news on the actor's current relationship. Moreover, the actor has been secretive about his personal life after the breakup.

lo and william levy dating

Well, if sources are to be believed, William is currently single. It is possible that William has the same story as he doesn't seem to in hurry to jump into another relationship post his breakup. Soon after they crossed each other paths as contestants in June, they began dating.

William Levy Allegedly Cheated On Wife-Like Girlfriend; Gay Rumors True?

Pinterest The couple dated each other for seven years and the couple also welcomed two children together. The Former Couple William and Elizabeth: March 6, who was the another addition of happiness to the family.

lo and william levy dating

March 6, Source: Pinterest Though both of them denied their relationship, William and Elizabeth broke up. Maybe their relationship was not meant to last long.

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Following their separation, they were highly criticized and finally, inWilliam opened up about his relationship with Elizabeth in an interview with the POPLE magazine in Espain.

It's never been because one of us cheated, nor her or me; it's never been any of things that people or the media is planting.

He further added, Simply we have said: Well, post their break up, some thing came out that surprised all their fans.

Here’s How Elizabeth Gutiérrez Responded to William Levy’s Ex Jacqueline Bracamontes | Telemundo

The couple was once again seen sharing their pictures together on their Instagram which further gave rise to questions regarding their relationship. A post shared by William Levy willevy on Sep 28, at 5: But we know you're out there killing zombies. William previously cheated on his wife-like partner multiple times and currently repents on his previous acts, but he still seems unable to make a lifetime commitment to his lover. Crossing more than a decade together, the couple is currently the parents to two adorable kids; a son named Christoper and a daughter, Kailey.

Ximena reportedly confessed her relationship to some of her closest friends and mentioned that she was madly in love with William. The revelation followed the rumors of the Mexican actor cheating on his longtime partner that initiated after the photos of him and Ximena hanging out in a Miami hotel surfaced the media.

Ximena Navarrete FINALLY confirms affair with William Levy

Following the incident, Elizabeth broke up with her boyfriend in December Although the pair didn't reveal the reason for their split, it was apparent that the trigger was William's adultery. The couple eventually got back together and resumed their romance until when another incident of William's past infidelity was disclosed.

She mentioned that William had lied to her about breaking up with Elizabeth and said that he was single at the time. Jacqueline added that once she found out that her partner was in a relationship and had even fathered a child, she immediately broke up with him.

The sweet family of four often plans different activities together. Back in AugustWilliam's children and partner showed their unconditional love for him when they prepared a surprise birthday party for William. Similarly, William also adores his kids and have flaunted his love for them through social media on several occasions.