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kitsap and jefferson dating service

dates, obituary citations, and obituary research services in Washington State. and select area newspapers; Jefferson County Obituary Index - citations from the Pacific Northwest News - recent obituaries from small papers in King, Kitsap. We are your Jefferson County bus connection to Seattle, Sequim, Port Angeles and Kitsap County including Rider Services Address,City, StateEnd Depart Around Date Powered by Google. Need help? Use our Jefferson transit- created connection schedules below to help with travel from outside of Jefferson County. Find Jobs on Kitsap Sun. jobs Sort by: Relevance | Date Jefferson Healthcare in Port Townsend, WA (getfoundlocally.infosonhealthcare. Highway 34 Grand Lake, CO Tele: Service Technician/ Mechanic We are looking.

So, despite the attempts by some to drive us apart, I am seeing our community respond with energy, support and love.

This is what will keep us together and get us through this challenge. As always we need your support to continue this work. Closer to home reports have increased about ICE presence in our area. Your offers of support whether through volunteering or financial donations are very much appreciated and enable us to continue our work.

Earlier this year I shared with you our planned positive steps to support and advocate for immigrants in our community. Here are some of the activities we are accomplishing. Some examples are our partnership with Goodwill. Our Family Services and Legal Services staff and volunteers are conducting Know Your Rights presentations in schools, churches, and community centers throughout Thurston, Mason, Kitsap, and Jefferson counties. This information helps people understand their rights and how to exercise them.

kitsap and jefferson dating service

We also talk about family emergency plans to help them plan for themselves, their families, and their children in the event of an ICE raid or their being placed in detention. Our legal team helps Legal Permanent Residents prepare and apply for citizenship. Many of them are understandably concerned about their status and want to protect themselves. We are preparing to increase our capacity by becoming able to represent people in immigration court.

People with representation, especially children, have a five times better chance of not being deported. We have presented draft Welcoming Community resolutions to Kitsap city and county governments and actively advocate for them to pass these resolutions.

Becoming a more welcoming community means more customers for our local businesses, more jobs created by immigrant entrepreneurs, and a thriving economy that benefits us all. By recognizing the contributions that we all make to creating a vibrant culture and a growing economy, we make our neighbors feel more included and our community more welcoming to new Americans and to everyone who calls our community home.

We remain committed to our mission to empower, educate, and integrate immigrants through advocacy and social justice.

kitsap and jefferson dating service

We are all responsible to uphold basic human values of civility and justice. The current administration will be gone one day and our communities will still be here striving to make our counties and our nation stronger, more welcoming and more just.

We appreciate and need your continued support. Although much of our work is done by volunteers we still need financial support to continue.

To make donations click here. If you make your donation recurring it will help even more.

History of Harrison: Harrison Foundation

Click here for more information We Are Moving Forward Despite the activities of the administration we are moving forward with positive actions to aid our immigrant sisters and brothers and continue to build our communities through inclusion. Our ten point plan is aimed at protecting the vulnerable, keeping families together and building a strong and inclusive community. We are also working with local law enforcement agencies to ensure that their policies include immigrants as partners in keeping our community safe.

We are reaching out to vulnerable communities to help them understand their rights under out Constitution and to prepare for the dangers that the recent executive actions place them in. A Misguided Policy Policies that attempt to punish cities for trying to promote safety are severely misguided.

We all want safer communities, and cities with sanctuary policies do so to protect public safety. By maintaining positive relationships between local law enforcement and immigrants, communities become safer for everyone. Studies have shown that immigrants are less likely to report crimes or cooperate in criminal investigations if they fear potential deportation as the result of routine interaction with local law enforcement.

We will continue to work with local authorities to support safety for everyone in our community. Many Welcoming Cities and Counties have instituted policies and practices to protect public safety and maintain positive relationships between local law enforcement and immigrant communities. Some of these actions are seen as sanctuary policies. Many do this by preventing local officials from asking people about their immigration status. Other cities refuse to use local resources to detain immigrants.

The main purpose for these types of policies is to comply with constitutional requirements and to protect public safety by maintaining positive relationships between local law enforcement and immigrant communities.

Statue of Annie Moore and her brothers on the quayside in Cobh, Ireland. Kennedy International Airport to start her new life. That was Annie Moore, flushed with embarrassment at the unexpected fuss being made of her by the officials on the island. She was the first immigrant through the new processing center that opened its doors on Jan. I know she was rosy-cheeked, because this very paper said so, back in the day.

I have no idea. I grew up knowing all about the people that left my hometown, but nothing about what happened next. Cobh is an island in the mouth of Cork Harbor, the departure point for more than two million Irish people between and While other children went to amusement parks, our school trips were to replicas of coffin ships, so named because of the death rate onboard as they transported people to America during the Irish famine.

My classmates and I filed into the wooden bowels of a ship to listen to audio of people groaning, and look at wax figures leaning over buckets. That ability is doing comedy and persuading friends who do voice-overs in cartoons to write letters to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, vouching for me. Annie was an unaccompanied minor without documents and she sailed right in. I think about her, and me, and the people who were simply born here, and the people who die trying to get here, and the people who have lived here since childhood, who are American in every way save paperwork, but without any path to citizenship.

I mean, the sheer dumb luck involved in it all! I try to make sense of it in a podcast in which I interview a new person each week about their immigration story. She lived with her parents and brothers before marrying a clerk in a bakery. They had some 10 children, but only five made it through to adulthood. Can you even imagine burying your children like that?

Annie died at 50 years old. Family lore says her coffin was too wide to fit down the narrow stairs of her tenement house, and had to be hoisted out the window.

Not to boast, but I gained weight when I moved to New York, too. It was the citywide availability of soft serve that did it. They were clannish, looking out for their own.

I have mixed feelings about this. What else has happened in the years since Annie Moore arrived? Well, the ban on Chinese immigrants has been lifted, and a ban on Muslim immigrants threatened. Catholic churches are no longer being set alight by nativists, but synagogues and mosques are being vandalized by people on the same tip.

A man whose own mother walked through the same Ellis Island doors as Annie campaigned for the presidency by slamming immigrants at every turn, and he won.

I went home for the holidays.

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I still call Ireland home, but America is my home, too. I stood on the darkening quay side in Cobh on Christmas Eve, and looked at a statue of Annie there. An Irish naval ship had returned to the harbor earlier that week from its mission off the Mediterranean coast, a mission that has rescued 15, people from the sea since Maythough was still the deadliest one for migrants crossing the Mediterranean since World War II.

She never made it out of the city, but her descendants are spread across the country — actors and doctors and financial consultants and stay-at-home parents, with Jewish and Latin and Asian blood mixed in with her own.

Annie Moore never made a fortune, or wrote a book, or invented a computer, and why should she? Why should immigrants be deemed extraordinary to deserve a place at the table? She was just one woman who lived a short life, a hard one. And she lives on today, not just in her descendants.

She lives on in every girl arriving from a country shot through with rebellion and hunger, and in every immigrant that gives America her humanity.

kitsap and jefferson dating service

The program allows undocumented immigrants who came to the United States before they turned 16 to receive temporary protection from deportation. It also grants them eligibility for a renewable two-year work permit. They are among the brightest and most dedicated students we have. Harrison provides emergency services at Bremerton and Silverdale, and urgent care services at Port Orchard, Bainbridge Island and Belfair, treating more than 90, patients annually.

Patient wait times in our emergency departments are among the lowest in the state, and our patient satisfaction scores are among the highest. Nearly 13, surgeries are performed each year at Harrison facilities. Historical milestones May—Harrison breaks ground on a three-story Orthopaedic Hospital on the Silverdale campus.

May—Harrison launches its "I promise. The campaign spotlights employees and their promises to the hospital and community. April—Harrison partners with Hospice of Kitsap County.

As the area's first and only locally incorporated hospice care provider, Hospice of Kitsap County remains committed to working in concert with local doctors and other health care providers to meet the needs of this community.

January—Harrison opens a renovated dining and food court on the Bremerton campus. The new, expanded 8,square-foot dining area features multiple televisions and a patient-tracking monitor. The 1,square-foot food court is a full service and energy efficient area equipped with user-friendly appliances serving your choice of deli specials, pasta dishes, Asian stir fry and western-style cuisine with a large assortment of beverages.

July—Harrison opens an outpatient CardioPulmonary Rehabilitation center. This exciting new partnership is designed to promote overall wellness and encourage our community members to develop healthier lifestyles. June—Harrison announces Vision March—Harrison launches website focusing on Oncology services.

kitsap and jefferson dating service

January—Harrison receives Society of Thoracic Surgeons 3-star rating. January—Harrison expands the Sleep Disorders Center to increase capacity and upgrade equipment.

June—Harrison receives a Certificate of Need approval for a bed expansion of the Silverdale campus. April—The Harrison Belfair campus opens with hour daily urgent care, primary care, and other outpatient services. The development represents phase two of a master plan for the Port Orchard campus that began in In a sell-and-lease partnership, Harrison sells the seven-acre campus and existing 33,square-foot building to Tim Ryan Properties LP, who will also own the new 36,square-foot facility.