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George Lopez (–) was an American sitcom starring comedian George Lopez. Dubya, Dad and Dating (Part 1) []; Dubya, Dad and Dating ( Part 2) []; The Cuban Missus Crisis [] . 7 Cast; 8 External links. List of George Lopez episodes George Lopez is an American television sitcom that Angie chastises George for telling Max fabricated stories about his deceased father, .. 29, 1, "Dubya, Dad and Dating" (Part 1), John Pasquin, Rick Nyholm incarnation # Episode title Cast Directed by Written by Original air date. Stand-up comedian George Lopez ("Bread and Roses, " "Resurrection Blvd.") stars as the first guy to be Dubya, Dad, and Dating Pt. 1 .. I love the entire cast .

Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for. He persuades Max to spy on them, but despite finding no impropriety, George threatens Duncan, embarrassing Carmen. The episode centers on George getting promoted after 15 years working on the assembly line and And her bout of bad luck may After getting drunk on her lunch hour, Meanwhile, George does his best to obtain extra Hoping for a simple thank you, George's plan backfires and But when Angie takes But George shows he can take care of his George Feb 26 - George and Angie want a loan for Carmen's schooling, but they find out they have bad credit when they go to the bank.

He says that can't be right, but he finds out that it actually is another Afraid that a certain employee's ethnic background will hinder the company's He meets Lalo - whose picture bears a striking resemblance to George But George's difficult personal journey becomes a family George and Angie want to repair the damage, but school counselor Tommy, who knew George Upset about her upcoming divorce and jealous of her sister's marriage to a When Max hars this, he pulls aposter off his wall to reaveal a hole.

He looks through but Carmen sees him and sprays Well, we were trying to surprise you and wash your car, but the hose is too short.

I love you, Dad. Look, I want the truth. But it was lucky because two gangbangers were stealing your car.

We scared them away. But when we tried to put the car back in the driveway, we crashed, so I guess you're welcome, Mr. We'll deal with this tonight. I'm taking you back to your mother. And say goodbye to Max. Because that's the last time you're gonna see him. Do you know you could've killed someone? Hey, your mom sits out here. What if she was in that chair? Don't try to cheer me up. Hey, you two wait here.

I wanna talk to his mom alone. You know, that was a pretty stupid stunt you two pulled. Do you think he'll ever let me see Max again? He's pretty mad, Ricky.

Max is my best friend. Hey, you know what? Once George cools down, I'll try and talk to him, all right? You ever do anything like this when you were a kid? One time, George and I broke into school with a whole bunch of spray paint, and we Made a banner that said, "Learning is cool. Those were the days, man. Max let me in the garage Max: Grandpa said not to let anyone in his garage George: Max this is my garage, Max I swear I drop you off to school in my underwear in my lowrider Max: Cool can I go to school in my underwear too George: Give me the combination Max: Okay 2x George: Wait maybe it George: There is no 21 Max: He gave a combination from a dyslexia fifth grader, the man is an a evil genius Dance Fever [3.

Zack, what are you doing here? My dad's still home. I wanted to take you to school. No, no, Noah's coming over to pick me up.

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My parents totally believe he's my boyfriend. Zack, don't blow this. We'll call him on the way. All right, fine, I'll meet you at the end of the block. Now go, get out. Hey, how come you never wear this tube top for me? Then put this thong on. Carmen, there's no easy way to say this. Your boyfriend's in the closet. Look, I know, I don't like it either. But just because Noah's gay It has nothing to do with you. Okay, this doesn't mean that you're ugly or stupid.

He was just using you to hide something that he doesn't know how to deal with. Lopez, is Carmen ready? Saw the whole thing. Didn't you love the ending when the cheesemaker comes home from war, but he can't make cheese anymore because he lost his arms? But then his son shows up and says, "Papa, I'll be your hands.

Yeah, that was really moving, but I meant the gay horseplay. Being very friendly with another boy. Okay, we talked to Carmen, and it's all out in the open, okay? So nobody has to sneak around anymore. Well, thank god, 'cause I thought you'd be mad at Carmen. Why would we be mad at her? She can't help who she falls for. Because she was sure you guys would freak if you knew she was seeing Zack.

Wait, wait, wait, wait! She was seeing Zack Powers behind our back, and you were her cover? Look, I'm really sorry about this. I mean, you guys are so nice to me and your mother, I really enjoyed meeting your mother, she was-- George: I don't believe you! You can't threaten my boyfriend! The fake, gay, cover boyfriend, or the boyfriend you've been seeing behind our backs for a month?

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You read my diary?! It's written on every page in here. God, I hate Dad! Hang up the miniskirt! You're not 15 anymore! You had no right to read this. You've lost all your rights by lying to us, and if we have to look in your diary to find the truth about Zack, we'll do it. Oh, you wanna know the truth?! Well, here it is! I'm dating Zack because I love him and he loves me too! Carmen, he doesn't love you. He's just using you. Look, he told me he was gonna dump you as soon as he gets you into bed.

You hate him so much, you'd say anything to keep us apart! Did I make up that he vandalized the factory? That he got a girl pregnant? He didn't respect the girl enough to be safe. You guys don't understand Zack. His dad was never there for him, and his mom's a bitter, old drunk. You have no idea what that's like. She tries to hide her beer behind her purse] George: Okay, we did not raise you this far so you can screw up your life with Zack, so there is no way in hell that you are ever gonna see him again!

You can't stop me, 'cause I'm almost I'm almost a woman.

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I can do whatever I want. Not as long as you live in this house. Okay, if you don't like it here, go live somewhere else.