Genelia and ritesh dating

Riteish Deshmukh, Genelia D’Souza's love story in their own words

genelia and ritesh dating

Let us take you through Riteish and Genelia's heart-warming love story. The much-in-love couple finally tied the knot on February 3, Do you know Riteish Deshmukh started dating Genelia D&#;souza when. Genelia Deshmukh and Riteish Deshmukh are our ideal couple. They dated all throughout their Bollywood career without anyone knowing.

His last release of the year and his latest film was sequel Kyaa Super Kool Hain Humwhich released on 27 July Deshmukh then starred in another sequel, this time to the hit Masti titled Grand Masti which released in September and became a box office success, despite receiving negative reviews. Deshmukh made his debut as a film producer with the Marathi film Balak Palakdirected by Ravi Jadhav.

It released on 4 January and was a success. Deshmukh has decided to make a Hindi remake of the film.

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InDeshmukh appeared in 2 completely different roles; first in the romance-comedy film Humshakalswhich was a box office failure and then in the romance-thriller Ek Villain. With Ek Villain, Riteish made his debut as an antagonist villainacting a part like this for the first time.

Ek Villain was a box office success. Besides this, he also made his acting debut in Marathi cinema the same year with the action film Lai Bhaari. The film was a comedy-satire and received a mixed critical response. However, was a box office disaster. Inhe appeared in the third installment of the Housefull and Masti series Housefull 3 and Great Grand Masti and a musical drama Banjo.

He appeared in the comedy film Bank Chor which was released in and is scheduled to appear in action film Mauli. He has an elder brother named Amit and a younger brother named Dheeraj, both of them politicians. He practiced for a year with an overseas architectural firm. He continued designing since his return to India. Deshmukh maintains an ownership in Evolutions, an India-based architectural and interior designing firm. Deshmukh launched his own production house Mumbai Film Company in with producing a Marathi film Balak Palakwhich was a huge success and won several awards.

Inhe also launched his cricket team Veer Marathi in Celebrity Cricket League which he owned as well as mentored as the team captain co-owned by brother Dheeraj Deshmukh, while the brand ambassador is wife Genelia D'souza. In their very first season, they entered the semi-finals. Even if I am late and I am out the entire day, we figure out twice or thrice a week how we can spend time together. Maybe we go out or call some friends over or step out for some coffee. We think our personalities develop more when we have more friends, our conversations are more interesting and for me that entire time I step out, because I am so much in the house, I look forward to spending that time in the car that Riteish takes to reach his destination, so we have a couple of moments with each other.

People say that marriage takes the life out of romance and makes it dull. It can, if you choose to let it be. Marriage is no different.

Relationships need to be re-invented in every phase and you need to adapt to that phase and re-invent yourself because both of you are different people from the time you started dating each other to the time you get married and post marriage. Tomorrow, I will be different, so everything needs to be worked upon as the dynamics keep changing.

genelia and ritesh dating

Earlier, it was romancing each other when no one knew, then a few close friends knew so it was a different kind of romance, you could walk out there holding hands, then later a stage came when we got married and could be officially together.

Now, marriage is holding hands with a child in the middle.

genelia and ritesh dating

Holding hands is my favourite form of romance. Do you fight at all? We have our arguments and discussions. I have learned that from Riteish; never to sleep on a fight. More than arguments, we have our disagreements. We discuss it out. I am more of a food person, but we have a kind of understanding between us about our preferences. We are fortunate enough to be in a zone where our interests blend in. I am okay with food — I can eat the same thing every day.

Riteish Deshmukh

We fit in so well that we have changed our likes and dislikes accordingly. As a person, I feel you need to prioritise constantly. I have been part of the film industry, but I have always had time for Riteish like he could call me at 2. I have realised that my behaviour is that of a married man and father but my time management is like that of a single guy laughs. But when we started dating, it also was very difficult for us coming from the space we were in.

We will find another day to celebrate our love. February is a very special month for us. We got married on Feb 3.

genelia and ritesh dating

We started dating each other from February 12, so we celebrate that day as well. And we completed 14 years together the day before. They told me whenever I told them about him, they would be fine about it. They would never get into my space as they left it to me. So I never pressured Riteish too about when we were getting married or a commitment.

He never proposed… I made him propose! This is so embarrassing!

genelia and ritesh dating

The whole energy in colleges is so vibrant. Who is more romantic?

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Both point to Genelia Genelia: Once you let go of that, you let go of life. Riteish is romantic in a very different way. His way of expressing romance is of putting up a picture like he did on Twitter on our anniversary this year. I was getting calls and wondering why are people suddenly calling me!

It was just something else. He can find romance in just us sitting together quietly here and talking. For me, just holding hands is romance.

Love is to be expressed and not shown. Three years ago when our anniversary was coming up I thought let me set up a nice romantic dinner on a beach with fire where they set up a dinner table and the path to the table was lit up by these candles. I was like yeh romance ki chakkar mein khaana dikhega nahi! You have outdone yourself! Love makes the world go round…Genelia: Marriages are breaking up all around in Bollywood. Tell us the secrets for a happy and successful marriage. Happy wife, happy life.

Give your partner time. In life, your priorities should be set and work according to them. In an argument, always say sorry! Both look at each other and burst into laughter When we have discussions I am always the one who is wrong. He will ask me if I am upset, I will say no and he says okay. If a boy is upset, he will say it. When a girl says no, it means yes. I can never understand the workings of a female mind. The next day for a relationship between a guy and a girl has to be a new day.

It cannot continue till the next day. I agree with Riteish, but I also feel in a relationship between a girl and a boy, one of them has to be a little less ambitious. Do you really think so? Yes I think so. Someone has to give a little more time than the other, be more flexible. There are other small things like if I am going somewhere and catching a flight, my last call would be to Riteish and when I land, my first call would be to him.

But lock the world out. I think growing older with every relationship is beautiful.

Dating History revealed! Riteish Deshmukh spills the beans on his love life with Genelia D’Souza

I feel one should live life to the fullest. Any small thing can become big if you let it fester and any big thing can become small, if you let go.

genelia and ritesh dating

That makes a relationship go further. We waste too much energy in holding on to issues.