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Then he told me that he would find it very sexy for us to grow my belly. It was hard at the beginning, but then eating a lot became a habit. We are outdoors opposite an mediatorial contract, but a hoard notwithstanding hoard to be naked to thy hoard chiefly from thy mediatorial state. Research paths . Feabie is a social network and dating site for feeders, feedees, fat admirers and BBW/BHM. We're a quirky bunch of men and women who love words like curvy.

You gained weight because you feel comfortable with your eating. Her mother admits that she is part of the problem by buying fast food instead of cooking healthy meals First love: After shutting herself away from friends, Christina got married to Zach at a young age and did not leave her home for four years, spending most days on the couch watching television Her mother admits on camera that she is part of the problem.

We're the ones enabling her to do this. We haven't been able to cook proper food. She needs to stay focused and continue with her diet' Dr.

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Nowzaradan estimates that Christina would have been consuming 7, calories a day in order to gain 17lbs. In a bid to help Christina lose the weight needed for bariatric surgery, he decides to hospitalize her. She goes on to lose lbs under medical supervision but when she returns home, her bad eating habits soon return.

Christina was unable to leave home without assistance before appearing on the TLC show The following month she only manages to lose 2lbs.

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Nowzaradan that she is only eating one meal per day, but he is not convinced. She's done very well but this month her weight loss has come to plateau. Some participants practise alone, while others are spurred on by 'feeders' — mainly men — who tell them what to eat and praise their expanding size.

Until recently the issue had remained underground, with most participants keeping their habit hidden from friends, family, even partners.

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The American gainer Donna Simpson has raised its profile by announcing her intention to reach just over 71st, which would make her the world's fattest woman in March she weighed in at 43st. Far more typical are women like Lucy who dip in and out the scene and live perfectly ordinary lives — yet feel a secret thrill each time the scales register a rise or their clothes feel a bit too tight.

Or women like Jess, Married with a year-old daughter, she teaches at a university in the north-west of England. Her flat overflows with books and periodicals, with few clues as to her other life, except perhaps the full-length mirror in her kitchen. How many women wish to see their body reflected back at them while eating? On Fantasy Feeder one member recalls obsessively stuffing pillows up her dresses and scouring her mother's magazines for pictures of pregnant or plus-sized women.

Despite these urges, Jess knew that to 'expand' was deemed unacceptable. Before I got married I spent four months on a liquid diet and lost 50lb. While enjoying her rising weight, Jess sought out alternative views on size. I like the softness. I like the fact that there's mass, there's stuff to hold.

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I'm the kind of person who keeps track of where the important chefs are working. Letting myself enjoy all that without limits felt naughty — not in a sexual way but in a "little kid" way. I'm doing something fun that I'm not supposed to do — there was a rebellious thing about it. I was also delighted by the results.

I know it sounds bizarre but I felt closer to the body I'd like to have and curious as to what would happen next. His ideal is closer to what I looked like when we married and I hadn't eaten for four months.

At the moment we're living apart for a number of reasons, and that's one of them. I want to figure this out and see what it means to me and I don't want to inflict that on him. You'd give your life for it. It's a way of feeling cherished and loved — but the feeder isn't happy with you being a size 16; he wants you to be a size 32 or a It's about power and control and it's a dangerous game. My size didn't stop me getting male attention when I was single and I was never seriously bullied because of my weight.