Dwts season 19 week 3 bethany and derek dating

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dwts season 19 week 3 bethany and derek dating

Bethany Mota and Derek Hough have been on fire week-to-week on Dancing With The Stars but things may be heating up in their personal. news on your favorite couple. Bethany talks about how she started using You Tube videos to. PureDWTS Season 19, Week 3 – A Brief Rant on “Movie Week” Issues to “I Feel Pretty”; based on hints Derek gave during the show, we assumed it was Bethany & Derek. . Hopefully they can pull it together by monday.

He just couldn't commit 98 percent of his waking hours to dance training and 2 percent to spray tanning -- so he's outta there. Read the rules next time, Smiley! But let's not get too greedy. Discuss the performances here! I'll try to float back in with comments overnight. Well, this was sad.

Bethany Mota & Derek Hough

Yet it's a harsh farewell to Randy Couture and Karina Smirnoff following tonight's not-even-that-Rocky paso doble. Perhaps this is his punishment for not going "boom! Randy doesn't care at all that he was eliminated. And why should he? But how did the rest of these crazies do? Bethany Mota and Derek Hough: Gene Kelly is amazing, but this was merely well done.

No need for a 40 here. Janel Parrish and Val Chmerkovskiy: Production threw Val for a loop when the couple suddenly caught wind that they couldn't do anything resembling the movie Quipped Tom in my biggest LOL moment of the night because seriously what are the chances: Wait, who does she actually think is watching?

Women With Wine At Home.

dwts season 19 week 3 bethany and derek dating

That is your demo, girl. We don't make the decisions. We just laugh at them and then try to get some sleep. Runner-ups Nick Carter and Sharna Burgess had a fair share of great dances. Their beautiful Downton Abbey -themed Viennese waltz, which they got to do again in the finale. Their sexually-charged jazz to "Everybody Backstreet's Back ", which was set up like a Backstreet Boys concert.

To top it off, this was their first individual dance to earn them a perfect score. Their first perfect score period was for the team dance to " This is Halloween ". In the finals, they got the chance to do another jive with Julianne Hough's assistance after their less than stellar one way back in the first night of week 2. The result was a fiery jive to " Runaway Baby ", a rare instance of a jive being anything close to sexy. Then they topped it with a freestyle to nothing less than "Larger Than Life", in which Nick basically took what was expected from him and took it to the next level, weaving some cha-cha moves and Argentine tango lifts into an otherwise very BSB-influenced hip-hop number which ends with Nick as literally the last man standing.

Bindi Irwin and Derek, that season's winners, also had some awesome dances: The premiere jive to, appropriately enough, "Crocodile Rock". Their contemporary to "Every Breath You Take". Their Dirty Dancing rumba which earned them a perfect 40 their first perfect score of many. Their freestyle to "Footprints in the Sand". Another tribute to the Crocodile Hunter himself, the dance ended with a picture of a very young Bindi with her dad being projected on the wall.

Cue Tender Tears from Bindi and just about everyone else. Julianne notes an obvious hand error by Lea, and Bruno references "The power of Lea. Prince of Thieves The dance: Anyone else get the impression that Michael is driving Emma a little nuts in rehearsals?

I'm totally enchanted by the Sherwood Forest set. Michael's still far from a frontrunner, but this is probably his best dance to date. Very much "dad who took three months of ballroom dancing lessons to dance with his daughter at her wedding," in a charming way. Julianne calls Michael over to tell him how proud and impressed she is.

#DerekDynasty - Week 5

Bruno also compliments their improvement, and Carrie Ann says she was completely "mesmerized," even though "there's a lot to work on. Guardians of the Galaxy The dance: It's kind of adorable how much fun he's having with this.

Dancing With the Stars Performance Pics — Season 19, Week 3 (PHOTOS)

It will be a real shame if he and Cheryl go home tonight after doing what's probably their best dance to date. Bruno coaches Antonio on his turns.

Carrie Ann says he's not a natural dancer and to work on his breathing. Kevin joins the audience in booing Carrie Ann and says he doesn't have anything to note on the foxtrot, but notes that Antonio is "killin' the tux. Wow, the set designers are bringing their A-game tonight. I'm marveling at how Sadie can do any dance in those shoes, let alone a waltz, but she manages to look even lighter on her feet and — dare I say — even more graceful than Mark.

The balloon lift at the end makes me and Sadie's dad Willie, judging by a reaction shot nervous, but is also a nice touch. This is Carrie Ann's favorite dance of the night. Kevin calls it "seamless. Jonathan and Allison tango Movie: The Great Gatsby The dance: This dance seems pretty good, but to be honest I can't really tell because the spinning camera angles leave me feeling like I'm on a motion ride at Disney World.

dwts season 19 week 3 bethany and derek dating

I guess it's an innovative way to focus on the footwork, but it just makes me dizzy. Kevin loves it, especially accompanied with the pared-down Amy Winehouse cover.

Dancing with the Stars / Awesome - TV Tropes

Julianne also appreciates the break from tradition with the song, but offers a few pointers on Jonathan's frame. Bruno compliments the dance's content.

Carrie Ann says it's a marked improvement from last week. West Side Story The dance: Apparently these guys had two days to learn the dance after their initial planned routine got scrapped by producers.

This is a great dance, due mostly to the fact that Janel is such a natural and they have wonderful chemistry together.

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