Dating a leo woman and virgo man

Leo Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility - Zodiac Compatibility

dating a leo woman and virgo man

Leo and Virgo will rarely end up in a very emotional or intimate relationship. it represents the boss and his employees or a husband and his cleaning lady. A Virgo man and a Leo woman will often contradict each other as he is one responsible for all kind of sweet gestures and impressive dating. The Virgo man and Leo woman compatibility in bed, love life and relationship towards each other. Read full horoscope overview at

But on the flip side, those new issues for Virgo could interfere with Leo's attempts to move on if the transits prove really treacherous for Virgo. So Virgo, you've got to be cautious about how much complaining you do or how much advice you ask for. Leo will always be willing to help, but she's got to handle her new transits, too.

Virgo man and Leo woman

And Leo, please realize that Virgo doesn't have the benefit of experience that you do -- don't blow off all his complaints or questions. Partners in Business, Friendship, and Love No matter the type of relationship, it's only going to be as good as you make it.

This can be a great, great pairing, but there's nothing magical about it -- all the good stuff comes from you two learning how to fit your lives and attitudes around each other.

That's very doable, by the way. Really, you both have excellent chances if you slow down and remember that there is a lot more to the other person underneath that surface appearance. Business partners would do well. Leo's energy can move the business forward in a steady manner -- again, she is very persistent when chasing a goal -- while Virgo is the detail-oriented one who can spot issues and fix them.

Leo should watch out for a tendency to be too much of a leader, as Leo can get a bit, well, tyrannical. And Virgo, make sure those details you're refining don't swallow you up. Try to keep the partnership as equal as possible in terms of responsibility and credit.

dating a leo woman and virgo man

Friends could do fine. Again, Leo shouldn't always take the lead, and Virgo can ease up a bit regarding what Leo is eating yeah, Virgo, we know you're a health nut. Balance your activities so that you're both able to do things you like. As for love, this can be a really warm and caring relationship.

It's actually quite sweet! Both of you are loyal and dedicated to each other. A Leo woman 's confidence can shore up Virgo's occasional need for reassurance, and vice versa; a Virgo man 's practical nature can help Leo keep her occasional flights of fancy from getting too out of hand.

dating a leo woman and virgo man

This is a healthy, varied relationship that can be very stable. She is a kind and a warm hearted person, who loves being admired. She is very caring in nature, but is also a bit arrogant, self-centered and adamant.

Virgo Man and Leo Woman: The Love Affair The Virgo male and Leo female compatibility will be full of ups and downs in the relationship, like a swing on either of the extreme sides.

The female Leo is someone who loves compliments and other admirations thrown towards her with a lot of gratitude.

Leo woman and virgo man love compatibility

She will turn pleasant from the inside and burst with ecstacy if she is being loved, the way she wants to be. The male Virgo is also sentimental, though he may find it difficult to express it through his actions.

She may turn desperate to hear something admirable about herself, like the way she dresses or the way she manages situations, but in vain, which annoys her a lot. The positive aspect of this Virgo man compatibility with Leo woman, is that they trust each other a lot. They know that none of them will do any wrong to the other, as one is as sensitive and compassionate as the other is, which adds to the formation of a good bond between them.

He analyzes everything I do with admiration and criticism. Our fights are based on his fears about decisions vs. Over analyzing is overwhelming to me but if he is a Virgo man and he can fix some things and take care of the dirty work he will do it and this is why am in love with him.

Very supportive man in every way. And he is like this with his close friends. It might take time to be in his circles of friends but feel lucky when you are one of them.

Now this would surprise many cause I am taken aback too. Astrologically speaking it don't make sense. But in my experience these 2 signs are my sweetheart but it has always been about being friends until recently. I wasn't surprised to know he a Pisces.

dating a leo woman and virgo man

Virgo approached my friend asking her about me. My friend looked at me in astonishment I just smiled. Well the twisted part starts here. He is fine with age difference its me who rubbs it in. But together we don't see the gap. Chinese zodiac makes both of us Snake maybe that could be one reason we feel alike. I don't know the end of this but seriously I am happy for now. Virgo men a gentle they want to take care of you.

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He makes me feel special. Initially he acted a bit nonsense but dam Leo's know how to push some sense across. In friendship Virgo will trust you easily but in relationship they take time. We look awesome together that we are a talk of the town. Will keep you all updated with the progress. After reading the above posts I realize that I don't really know anything about this stuff, but I have a question I'm a Virgo man with a Scorpio rising I'm still not entirely sure what that means either but I am wondering since Scorpio and Leo are compatible would me and a Leo woman be compatible?

I have been married to a Virgo for 11 years, it is not firey, or exciting but it is simple We have little in common, but with my up bringing I needed simple and sense we Leo's are loyal I will just live with it, but I would rather have a hot steamy crazy kind of love for him, instead of a friendship type one! I have been with a Virgo for the past 5 years, we have two children together.

Its been quite an experience Both good but unfortunately, mostly bad. We are definite opposites, in every aspect In the beginning that was okay, we were both attracted to each other and intrigued by one another.

Within the 1st year, I got pregnant We were in love, ecstatic and everything was great! He literally treated me like a queen. Since I was pregnant my hormones went bizzerk and I didn't treat him very good. My attitude was pretty bad and I took advantage of his kindness.

dating a leo woman and virgo man

He put up with it and still did whatever I asked. Towards the end of the pregnancy, we started having trust issues, and things slowly started going downhill. I started to catch him in little white lies. Of course I went off on him often because I have such a strong personality and always wanted to discuss whatever problem or situation.

dating a leo woman and virgo man

He on the other hand is the polar opposite. Always wants to avoid things, never wants to explain himself. By our 3rd year, things were routine. Along came baby no. In the bedroom things were so so. He never tried to romance me, it was more like a "wam-bam thank you ma'am". I know, it got old quick. At this time, were still having trust issues, mainly because he lied even when I caught him talking to another girl. The only good thing about our relationship was our conversations regarding life, where to move, traveling, etc.

Loves our kids to death. All in all, in a relationship aspect, we had a flame that burned out kind of fast, and he never wanted to communicate which only infuriated me time and time again. He was also a HUGE procrastinator. Im a go-getter, he's a sit-back waiting for things to fall on his lap kind of guy. I think he was afraid of change too. I'm a Leo woman and I've been with my Virgo man for almost five years. The 1st year was perfect he treated me like a queen and I got pregnant.

The second year after we had our baby, I started to feel bored. I cheatd several times and we broke up. We got back together and again it was perfect but I became bored again. I didn't cheat but it seemed as if my feelings to leave became stronger. I've always been attracted comfotable with him, but he does not show me the attention I crave.

He doesn't like to go on dates or engage in passionate kissing and love makking. It's as if we are to comfortable like best friends. We laugh and love our daughter so much that we tend to disclose our relationship problems. He knows how I feel, and even though he doesn't explain his feelings: I know he has lost intrest.