Dancing with the stars season 16 zendaya and val dating

Why DWTS's Val Chmerkovskiy Was Hesitant to Partner with Zendaya Coleman

dancing with the stars season 16 zendaya and val dating

Dancing with the Stars welcomes 12 new stars and 3 new pros with a new dance Himself - Partner: Zendaya (as Valentin Chmerkovskiy) Release Date: Before Season 16 Shawn Johnson was the youngest competitor as she was age . Zendaya and Val were partners during season 16 of DWTS, finishing as runner- ups to country star Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough. Despite. 'Dancing With the Stars' Season Cast and Partner Portraits. The latest crop Zendaya Coleman and Valentin Chmerkovskiy. Coleman will.

As a tough as nails boxer, that impressed me more than the actual dancing. Carrie Ann says it a victory. She thought he channeled his emotions well. Of course, the lift police is back for Carrie Ann. Bruno says Victor is back in the game. He mentions the timing was good and only off for a few seconds. But for the most part, Bruno was impressed. The girls are definitely in-sync and being sexy and sassy together. If you watched the show without knowing who was who, you would be legit confused because both girls brought it in the synchronization part.

So, kudos to Aly for that for sure. Unfortunately, when Witney exits, Aly loses a bit of momentum. She makes two mistakes that I clearly saw and lost a bit of musicality. Mark helped her get it back quickly and the rest of the dance was fun. I thought it had a bit too much of the top and bottom shaking and could have used some more samba steps.

Again, no samba rolls in this routine. She is still up there at the top of the pack but this dance showed that she does have things she could work on. He mentioned a mistake and sometimes her legs are a little off but overall, good job. Bruno had no idea Aly could be so saucy. He thought Aly had very strong technique besides the mistake.

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Carrie Ann enjoyed seeing the sexy side of Aly. Carrie Ann thinks that once Witney left, Aly lost it a bit. I am majorly impressed here by Sean. This is definitely his strongest dance of the show. Peta and I assume the other two pros came up with some clever choreography here. Sean looks really determined and in-character here and he is doing a better than usual job.

Out of the guys who are middle of the pack on this show Ingo, Victor, and Sean - I see the most improvement this week from Sean. What came off as awkward in previous weeks comes off as an actual dance tonight. Bruno says up until now, Sean has been a lumberjack but tonight, he was light on his feet and elegant. Carrie Ann says that Sean is back and it was beautiful. She liked it a whole lot without making much sense.

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Len said Sean flied around the floor like a pigeon. Last week, a statue and this week, a pigeon. This choreography is stellar. This is an old-school foxtrot harking back to the old days. Everyone is so on point here- the pros and Kellie. Kellie has great lines here and posture to kill for.

This is probably my favorite dance of the night so far for both dance quality and tone. I imagine the judges are going to be very happy with Kellie tonight since they knocked her down a peg last week when her husband sang as she danced.

Carrie Ann loves the side-by-side challenge. She thinks everyone has blossomed by working with the other pros. Bruno mentions Gene Harlowe.

dancing with the stars season 16 zendaya and val dating

He is all positive for Kellie and loved it. I know this is a tango and you are supposed to move with aggression and power but D. I need to say something positive so I will say that it was better than his first dance those weeks back but since we are half-way through the competition, the lack of technique is a major issue and he really does deserve the boot at this point.

Len called it a decaff coffee. It was way too mild. A couple of blunders and it lacked the attack. He says it technically fell apart and called it a brave attempt. Carrie Ann said the side-by-side showed the differences and the lack of technique was evident. This is just incredible. Zendaya looks like a professional. I am not even exaggerating. She is that good here. The tango steps are just great.

They are totally in-sync, completely in character, and just knocking it out of the park. Bruno is over the moon. He said she was as good and strong as Anna. Carrie Ann said that that dance must have killed her thighs because she is so tall.

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She loves the story that Zendaya brings. Len compares it to a lemon tart and calls it a gem of a dance. Andy comes flying into the routine. Everyone here is perfection and Andy is Andy. He is trying to mix funny with intensity and that much works but the dancing is weak. The cape stuff which is a pretty regular thing in the paso was especially awkward and weak.

Carrie Ann is laughing. The entrance will never be forgotten. But shortly after, the dance fell apart. Carrie Ann agreed, telling Zendaya that she is a true role model and simply "divine. Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough: Kellie and Derek were desperate to earn a perfect 30 with their quickstep, a dance that had previously earned them a The upbeat, Gastby-inspired number had Len calling it pure excitement and Bruno telling Kellie that she was better than ever.

Carrie Ann congratulated the couple on their improvement before awarding them with the perfect score they were after. Kellie and Derek came in second place. Kellie and Derek performed a stripped-down and honest freestyle routine that left Carrie Ann sobbing.

dancing with the stars season 16 zendaya and val dating

Aly Raisman and Mark Ballas: Aly was anxious to stay in character in her playful samba, and she didn't miss a beat! Carrie Ann felt that Aly captured the best qualities of all the other remaining contestants and Bruno insisted that there is no stopping her now.

Week 1: Performance Show

Aly and Mark came in third place. Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff: Jacoby started off the night with an enthusiastic jive. Though the judges nitpicked over his footwork a bit, overall they agreed that the entertainment value was unmatched. Jacoby and Karina came in fourth place.