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Mar 28, FORMER EastEnders star Sam Attwater was last night crowned TV's Dancing On Ice champion - despite accidentally grabbing skating. Nov 9, Photo - The Dancing On Ice line-up was revealed on Thursday's This Other returning skaters are Daniel Whiston, Matt Evers and Brianne Decourt, The TV star and girlfriend of the Duchess of Cambridge's younger brother Hollyoaks actor Kieron Richardson, and Coronation Street's Sam Attwar. Feb 8, 'We love each other to bits': Dancing On Ice couple Sam Attwater and But it appears ice skating partners and real-life boyfriend and girlfriend Sam . to girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle's apartment with a Secret Service agent in.

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Dancing on Ice 2011: Sam crowned King of the Ice despite Bolero boob

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We had a long chat and I assured him it wasn't as it seemed. Im very affectionate and Ill be tactile and joke around with all the girls in the show Chloe, Denise, Kerry. Our exclusive story told how Sam and Brianne had cashed-in on their relationship with a series of lucrative magazine deals talking about their sizzling love life.

They even posed together in bed just wearing skates. We did go out and have something but it was over. That was what I was apologising for. We misled people but it was not a sham. This fame is all new to me. I have never been used to this, even when I was in EastEnders.

Dancing On Ice 2011: Sam Attwater admits Brianne Delcourt 'romance' was fake

I feel I have been completely thrown in the deep end. Im feeling a lot of pressure and its hard to get used to.

Canadian Brianne, who also dated last years contestant, ex Corrie star Danny Young, admitted the scandal had been an embarrassment. I prefer my private life to stay private. Whats happened has been hard on us.