Charlotte and gary 2014 dating

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charlotte and gary 2014 dating

And Geordie Shore's Gary Beadle said he and Charlotte weren't officially together Published: EST, 4 August | Updated: EST, 4 August we chart the progress of Vicky Pattison, Gaz Beadle, Charlotte Crosby, The Sunderland lass first branched out from her MTV roots in when He is currently dating brunette beauty and model Emma McVeigh, with. Charlotte Crosby and Gary Beadle are the most enduring of all the Geordie for Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle [in early April ]," Charlotte told heat. All the times before I knew we'd come back together somehow, but this time I knew.

charlotte and gary 2014 dating

He has appeared on Celebrity Dinner Date and hit the headlines earlier this year when pictures of his cosmetic surgery went viral. Initially getting close with Vicky, Jay left the show to be with then girlfriend Chloe before returning and then leaving for good during series 7. He returned, much to the delight of his co-stars, for Big Birthday Battle in She is still firm friends with Charlotte and Holly, returned for Birthday Battle in and is now back as a full time cast member, most recently denying claims she'd been sacked from the new series.

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Marnie Simpson Marnie Image: Causing friction due to stirring trouble between the lads, Marnie did little to ingratiate herself to her fellow cast members to begin with.

Read More Geordie Shore star quits show because 'it's not the same without everyone' She finished fourth on Celebrity Big Brother last year when she met Lewis Bloor, who she was on and off with until she found out he cheated on her while she was in Newcastle filming series Marnie recently released autobiography Stripped Bare.

And earlier this year she revealed on Twitter th at she'd quit the show. Well spoken Whitley Bay lad Greg struggled to fit in with the fake tan, gym obsessed, deep V T-shirt wearing ways off the fellow boys from the off. So it was little surprise he quit the show between filming of spin-off Magaluf Madness and series 2. Greg has gone on to star in Irish reality show Celebrity Salon and is now most famous for dating Hollyoaks actress Jennifer Metcalfe, with the two welcoming their first child this summer.

Clashing with Vicky Pattison from the word go, Rebecca left the show after just one series. The former Kenton School pupil has since traded in her jet black locks for a blonde do and has become a mum. Known for his abundance of tattoos, Aaron, was on screen in the last series of Ex on the Beach and has being doing rather well in the world of MMA fighting, with a string of wins now under his belt.

Chloe Ferry The youngest of the current Geordie Shore crop, figure skater Chloe has been a massive ball of energy since coming into the series in PA Which made it all the more surprising that her stint in the last series of Celebrity Big Brother was a very brief one, with her being evicted after just a week. She's become quite the entrepreneur though, tasting great success with lip line By Chloe Ferry and her own range of sunglasses. Nathan Henry New boy Nathan makes his entrance Walked into the house with Chloe last year and after initially telling them he was bisexual, Nathan had a huge moment at the end of series 11 when he came out as gay to his fellow castmates.

And in he emulated Kim Kardashian's headline hitting naked selfie. Nathan has recently been attracting lots of positive comments for his body transformation. Chantelle Connolly A much talked about cast member from the get-go, Chantelle's time in the house was rather fiery so it was no surprise that her exit was too, when she left the show to return home to her boyfriend.

The two are no longer together and since their split the High Heaton lass was linked with fellow reality star Jem Lucy although things have definitely soured, with Chantelle tweeting 'If a dog can win Britains got talent then MAYBE jemma Lucy has a chance of winning bbuk dead ' Chantelle walks away from the villa and her time on Geordie Shore Image: Marty McKenna The Newcastle lad arrived on the show with Chantelle at the end of after appearing on Ex on the Beach alongside ex Sarah Goodhart, who was one of the newcomers in series Steph Snowdon New girl Steph on Geordie Shore Heaton lass Steph, who is friends with co-star Marnie Simpson and former cast members Zahida Allen and Chantelle Connelly, looked very much the part for a night out on her first night on the town with the Geordie Shore, but lasted just one series.

I got to Thailand, which you'll all get to watch soon, and you'll see I did talk about the situation. The first night, I got smashed and ended up in bed with someone. I'm not going to deny that.

Gaz Beadle has his say on the Charlotte Crosby romance The next day, I was around the pool and got told I needed to take an emergency phone call. It was MTV saying that Charlotte had been rushed to hospital.

charlotte and gary 2014 dating

Straight away, I was like, 'I need to go home immediately. Obviously, with her lying in bed back home, going through what I cannot even begin to imagine, I couldn't tell her what had just happened.

Geordie Shore: Where Are They Now? A look at castmates past and present

My main concern was making sure she was okay. I spoke to Charlotte and she said she was surviving with her mam and friends nearby, that I was under contract to continue filming, and she told me stay out there. I made sure every day I could speak to Charlotte at a certain time, to check in on her, ask what the doctors where saying, and if she had made progress.

charlotte and gary 2014 dating

I didn't even know what an ectopic pregnancy was. We spoke every day until day six, when someone had told her about the first night, which I did not want to come out while I was over there. I wanted to tell her myself.

Geordie Shore season 9: Charlotte Crosby beds Gaz Beadle SIX hours after dumping Mitch Jenkins

Let's face it, I couldn't have kept it a secret. It was on camera.

charlotte and gary 2014 dating

On day seven, we had a massive argument on the phone. Charlotte thought I had found out about the pregnancy, then slept with someone. It was the day before I knew anything. I know that doesn't make it any better, but I'm telling you the facts. After day one, over those next seven days, I didn't do anything. We had this huge argument, with her saying "how could you? Gaz is currently launching his new watch line with co-stars Scotty and Aaron I was like, "I am single, so are you.

We should have made it official. Would we ever have had that conversation on my return? Or would I have read about our status in the glossy mags? After that call, I was told I couldn't speak to Charlotte and she made it quite clear that was the total end of us. Over the previous few months, if we were meant to be together as a proper couple, we would have. But clearly, something stopped us. I told the crew if anything got worse, I needed to go home, but the messages I was getting were that she was making good recovery.

charlotte and gary 2014 dating

So, I continued to film as a single person, but not one day went past where I didn't ask about her. I also discovered a few things on location which will all be revealed on screen for you to watch yourselves, but they confused me even more. Also, remember that I had no phone, TV, mags anything while filming. I then finished shooting and head home again to a lot of press. Both my management and Charlotte's agreed we wouldn't do any interviews or talk about this horrible situation.

I hadn't planned to anyway.